Sports Illustrated Features Transgender Cover Model Because Woke Hasn't Hurt Sports Enough

(AP Photo/Mary Hudetz)

Chick With a Pic

Sports Illustrated’s newest cover person, Leyna Bloom, is an actor, a ballroom dancer, and a dude. Leyna also believes transgender people have been around for millions of years.


Sports Illustrated checked numerous woke boxes when announcing Bloom would be the first black and Asian transgender model for the sports mag. If only he/she (I haven’t been told Bloom’s preferred pronoun) were a lesbian. Cha-ching! That would be woke gold!

The magazine’s theme for this year’s swimsuit edition is “Opening Eyes, Speaking Truths and Changing Minds.” My eyes are open and I’m speaking the truth. If you’ve got a twig and berries, you ain’t a chick. I’m not changing my mind.

Tuck and Roll?

No word on whether or not Bloom has undergone gender reassignment surgery.

Sports Illustrated Man of the Year

Sports Illustrated decided to go with Bloom for the swimsuit issue cover despite clear evidence that woke and sports don’t mix. Colin Kaepernick all but gutted football viewership when he bended the knee to supposed “systemic racism.” A bend he didn’t bother to make until his career was in the gutter.

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National Hockey League fans famously fought back against woke sports when entire crowds took over singing the National Anthem, even as that Olympic hammer chick, Gwen Berry, protested the National Anthem while completely misquoting it.


My PJ Media homie and mentor Stephen Kruiser pointed out that woke and sports are a horrible mix.

Cruel to Be Kind?

Some studies show that roughly 50% of teens suffering from gender dysphoria will attempt suicide. Rather than help these people, the woke left is trying to normalize this mental malady and force it down our throats. Who suffers? Everyone–especially the transgender people who will kill themselves when they don’t get the help they need.

When it comes to transgender people, Ben Shapiro said it best: “You’re still a human being, and you’re a human being with an issue then I wish you Godspeed in dealing with it in any whatever way you see fit, but if you’re going to dictate to me that I’m supposed to pretend, I’m supposed to pretend that men are women and women are men, no.”



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