L.A. Police Pummel Antifa Thugs

AP Photo/Gillian Flaccus

Happiness Is a Warm Rubber Bullet Gun

Los Angeles cops in riot gear went toe-to-toe with antifa yesterday outside the Wi Spa, where a transgender man took off his clothes in the women’s locker room two weeks ago, setting off a firestorm. The riot was clearly planned.

(Twitter screenshot)

Despite the naughty words and Twitter bravado, antifa got pummeled by LA cops.

The fun started several weeks ago when this video of a woman complaining about a man in the women’s room went viral. She rightfully stood up for herself and the rights of other women to be able to use a changing room and not have to see a naked man.


The masked Sallies of antifa are usually coddled by cops, but that didn’t happen this time. This video shows the fascion-istas tossing a smoke bomb toward cops and the police using their batons to teach the clowns some manners. Check out the poor lamb in the red head-covering massaging his shoulder against the wall.

This antifa member sprayed something that looks like silly string at a cop and the police officer responds with a rubber bullet.

One of the debutantes lowered his mask to spit at a cop and immediately paid the price.


This woman called for the cops to put down their guns and took a rubber bullet to the belly. I can’t watch this enough!

Let’s Dance

Antifa came to get down but got clown-slapped. They discarded some of their party favors, including knives, pepper spray, a stun gun, and an adorable rainbow shield.

Traditionally, antifa has burned, rioted, and assaulted people with near impunity. Many have had their charges dropped and even had celebrities, including Kamala Harris, pay for their bail. It seems things may have changed. Dozens were arrested and many were bruised. Looks like they are going to need better hockey pads.


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