In Yo' Red Face, Commies! 7 Recent Examples Proving That Patriotism Isn't Dead

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The Democrats seem to have a stranglehold on our country. Pink-haired Marxists attack our cities and cops with near impunity. New York City’s Mayor de Blasio has turned the Big Apple into Moscow-on-the-Hudson. Mothers have to be called “birthing persons” but the male secretary of Health has to be called “her.” Election fraud evidence is so abundant that even a sizable number of Democrats now believe their party dissolved democracy and stole the election. America seems to be on life support and the lickspittle libs are toasting with their soy-tinis.

Not So Fast, Pinkos

I was beginning to think MAGA was dead and the country as we knew it was a memory, snuffed out by namby-pambies, beaten by Croc-wearing beta-cucks, while we real Americans did nothing to stop it. Then I took a road trip that started in Long Island. I drove through New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, W. Virginia, Ohio, and Michigan and took another route back. I saw dozens of Trump signs and flags in every state—on lawns, barns, and on the sides of highways. I saw stores selling, “Trump Gear.” Out of the doom and gloom there are signs of patriotism starting to poke through. Real Americans standing up and giving the middle-finger salute to the commies who want to turn us into Venezuela. People will take a mean tweet now and then and not care because gas is cheap and the economy is booming. Patriotism is rearing its beautiful head everywhere. Here is a list of seven recent examples of extreme patriotism everyone should know about.

1. Long Island

If you aren’t watching hockey you should start, if for no other reason than you won’t see a lot of hockey players bending a knee to a bogus movement. What you would have seen if you had watched game six of the Boston Bruins vs. The New York Islanders is 12,000 Islander fans singing the National Anthem with Nicole Raviv. She even lowered her microphone and let the crowd take over.

“Did I expect it? No,’’ Raviv told New York’s Newsday in a telephone interview Thursday. “But feeling what happened in the moment, it felt like something truly special. It felt like a moment that belonged to everyone, so everyone sharing it is… appropriate. Because everyone felt it. It feels like a memory of a lifetime.”

This is no shock. Long Island has been a hotbed of right-thinking, patriotic Americans for hundreds of years, starting with George Washington’s Culper spy ring, up to today’s Long Island Loud Majority, which still holds Trump rallies twice a month.

2. Don’t mess with Texas

As Democrats push their racist, anti-American agenda, Texas is fighting back. The state passed a bill banning teaching the 1619 Project, which tries to establish that year as the beginning of the United States based on when the first slave landed in the future U.S.A. Texas also banned teaching critical race theory and signed several “back the blue” laws. Gov Abbott signed a law banning “Zuckerbucks” in Texas and the state is building its own wall,

3. Mega MAGA Man

Dion Cini is traveling the country unfurling huge flags that say “Trump Won Save America” in baseball parks everywhere. He’s done it, and has not been arrested, at Yankee Stadium, Citi Field, and Boston’s Fenway Park. As per this tweet, Pittsburgh and Cleveland are next to get his patriotic message.

4. Michigan will be great again

Michigan attorney Matthew DePerno has gone full wolverine in his efforts to prove the Michigan election was stolen by the Democrats. Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson insists there was no fraud and yet is fighting Deperno’s efforts to get a full state audit. DePerno has thus far found that there were two remote logins to Dominion voting machines as well as 66,194 unregistered votes in only nine Michigan counties. We need DePernos in every swing state.

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5. Not coming to a theater near you

The lefties keep saying: “If you have proof the election was stolen why don’t you show it?” How about a movie? The Deep Rig is scheduled to be released on June 26, though it likely won’t be shown at your local mall theater. You can watch the trailer here.

6. Baltimore Tea Party

Baltimore’s “Fells Point” neighborhood is known for bars, restaurants, and a drastic crime surge that is keeping people away. Thirty-seven local businesses, all of which have learned the hard way that stabbings, shootings, and assaults aren’t good for business, sent the mayor a letter stating they won’t pay taxes if the city doesn’t do something.

The letter reads, “What is happening in our front yard—the chaos and lawlessness that escalated this weekend into another night of tragic, unspeakable gun violence—has been going on for far too long.”

Fells Point, once a popular location for tourists to snag a seafood dinner and cocktails, today looks more like the Star Wars Cantina scene. Even Maryland’s Governor Hogan called the violence “outrageous and unacceptable.

“I mean this is a basic failure to stop lawlessness and they’ve got to do something about it,” Hogan said. “We’ve been pushing them for a plan. Later today I’m supposed to hear something about that plan.”

7. Hands off the gun, son

Just when the Dems think they finally have the 2nd Amendment in their crosshairs (see what I did there?) the rest of the country says, “Not so, Gropey Joe.” Fifteen hundred counties now “identify” as 2nd Amendment Sanctuary counties. Meaning, Joe’s proposed gun laws are toilet paper in those counties. Entire states have signed on, turning their collective backs on the gun grabber-in-charge.

I’m doing my part. I fly my Trump flags daily. I wear my MAGA hat deep into enemy territory, like Starbucks, which I only go into for the restroom. When a mask-Nazi demands I wear one, like in the New York State rest areas, I wear a red one that says: “Make America Great Again.” Don’t like it? Come and take it off my cold, dead lips. Ewww, that doesn’t have the same panache.



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