Whitmer Can't Hurt Michigan Enough, Threatens to Close Another Pipeline

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What is it about low gas prices that Democrats don’t like? On his first day in office Biden cancelled the Keystone XL pipeline and gas prices went up. A (likely Russian) group calling itself DarkSide hacked the Colonial pipeline, responsible for bringing 45% of fuel for the east coast, last week and prices went up. Now Michigan’s Dem. Governor Whitmer, (Hitmer to many), brilliantly threatened to close down a Canadian pipeline, owned by the Enbridge company, that runs through Michigan’s Straits of Mackinac, (pronounced Mack-in-awe). Just in time for summer. The first summer we’ve had in two years.


This seems an exceptionally stupid move from a governor everyone already hates, (remember when 6 men were arrested for planning to kidnap her over her insane pandemic response?). She inflicted two draconian lockdowns for her state. But not for her. She ignored her own advice and went to Florida three times. No one knows who paid for the private Gulfstream jet that took her to Florida the last time in March. The pipeline transports up to 540,000 gallons of liquid natural gas and light crude oil a day.

Whitmer sued Enbridge Energy in Ingham County Circuit Court. Enbridge counter sued in U.S. federal court, maintaining the decision should come down to the Pipeline and Hazardous Material Safety Administration. Whitmer is now trying to get the case back to Ingham. If successful, Whitmer can go after Enbridge Energy’s profits, roughly $1.4 million a day.

The National Wildlife Assoc. cheered Whitmer, as did the 12 Native American tribes that fear their fishing rights would be threatened if there was a break in the pipeline. Federal regulators declared the pipeline is safe.

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Pressure is coming for the north and the south. Steelworkers from Local 912 placed 1500 hardhats on the lawn of the Michigan Capitol building in Lansing to signify the number of jobs that will be lost if Whitmer has her ridiculous, evil way. 25% of those jobs belong to Michiganders and the rest to Canadians and Ohioans. Union members, typically devoted to Democrats, testified before House and Senate committees.


The Bay Mills Indian Community voted to “banish” Enbridge Energy from all its land and territory, including the Straits of Mackinac.

“Enbridge’s continued harm to our treaty rights, our environment, our history, our citizens, and our culture, is a prime example of how banishment should be used,” said Whitney Gravelle, the Bay Mills Executive Council President.

As if being despised isn’t enough, Detroit’s beloved police Chief James Craig resigned Monday and is expected to run against Whitmer in the next gubernatorial election. During Craig’s first week as the new chief of Detroit’s police department, he urged residents to “buy a gun,” as there was only so much the police were able to do.


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