More Top One-Hit Wonders of the '80s!

There are so many totally tubular one-hit wonders from the ’80s that we had to make a second list! So peg your pants, get out your Aqua Net, and crank up your boom box for a walk down memory lane.


10. “Under The Milky Way”  The Church

Riding the “new-wave” genre, this Australian band brought a new vibe to the music scene. Transcending time, this song’s sound still holds up in classic form.

9. “Don’t Dream It’s Over”  Crowded House

This song is still one of my top favorites from the ’80s. The band’s biggest, hit released in 1986, this ballad reached No. 2 on the billboard 100. We can’t help but sing along.

8. “Whip It”  Devo

No list would be complete without this gem! Did it make sense? How about that video? The band has managed to keep a cult following and this is certainly a song we never forgot.

7. “Never Ending Story”  Limahl

This one-hit wonder was featured in one of my favorite movies as kid, “The NeverEnding Story.” Christopher Hamill, who was also the lead singer of Kajagoogoo, sang this ballad.

6. “In A Big Country”  Big Country

This Scottish band had an unusual sound for their time. They infused folk instruments, bagpipes, and fiddles into their sound. This was their only U.S. top 40 hit.


5. “Your Love”  The Outfield

This English rock band enjoyed some commercial success in the U.S. but never in their native homeland. This song made it No. 6 on the billboard 200. They had a few other songs on the charts, not as successful, but they’re best known for “Your Love.” I had a chance to see them play live and hang out with them back in the late ’90s. It was awesome since this is one of my favorite songs.

4. “867-5309/Jenny”  Tommy Tutone

Who can ever forget the phone number: 867-5309? The song “Jenny” featured this number, which was real and belonged to a girl the lead singer Tommy Heath knew. People to this day dial the number and ask for Jenny. You know you tried it…I did!

3. “I Melt With You”  Modern English

This power love ballad had us melting and swooning while we danced the night away. Its happy-go-lucky melody made us all happy. This English band had a one-hit wonder that still spins on turntables in clubs today.

2. “Never Gonna Give You Up”  Rick Astley


I still sing this song when it comes on the radio! It was so popular it hit No. 1 in 25 countries. It’s popularity was reignited in 2007 with the meme “Rickrolling.” His good looks and soulful voice gives him a spot on my list. You’ve just been Rickrolled!

1. “She’s A Beauty”  The Tubes

Released in 1983, this song became the band’s biggest hit, reaching No. 1 in the U.S.. The music video was provocative, much like the band’s lives stage shows, which even included nipples on the front of the drums. The young boy in the video would later be known as Alexis Arquette, the brother of David Arquette. Who Knew?

What is your favorite one-hit wonder? Leave me a comment.





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