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Top 10 One-Hit Wonders of the 1980s

1980's hits

The '80s had some great tracks, especially some of the one-hit wonders. You know the ones. When it came on your boom box you cranked up the volume and moonwalked your way across your kitchen floor! "I want my MTV!" was a hot phrase back when the station actually played videos.

Martha Quinn, Nina Blackwood, and Adam Curry entertained you with their big hair and bad jokes. If you read my articles you know how much I adore the '80s. Here are 10 of my picks (there are so many to choose from) for the best of the one-hit wonders.

10. "Come On Eileen" Dexys Midnight Runners

Who didn't want a pair of overalls after seeing this video on MTV? The English pop band's danceable tune comes from their album Too-Rye-Ay. It was their only international hit. I still crank this song when it comes on!

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