Leftist Mob Attacks Crazy Plane Lady for Coming Out As Right-Wing

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Tiffany Gomas made headlines, memes, and took the internet by storm last year as a viral video surfaced of her proclaiming, “That motherf***er back there is not real!” in the aisleway of a plane. Internet sleuths spent days trying to find her identity, and when they finally confirmed it, hundreds of thousands followed her across social media platforms, creating an instant influencer. For the first time this week, Gomas posted, signaling her right-leaning politics, and the mainstream media is freaking out as much as she did while on the plane.  


The viral video starts with Gomas frantically pacing up and down the plane's aisle, demanding passengers do something about someone in the back of the plane. The way she speaks indicates that she believed there was a demonic entity or lizard person aboard. She rushed to get off the plane, and the flight attendants looked puzzled.  

After the incident, Gomas took to social media to apologize for her behavior, stating on X, “I apologize and take accountability for my actions, they were uncalled for. My very worst moment was captured on video. Although the memes have been amusing, the flipside has been cruel. I’m thankful for my friends and family for supporting me through this. This experience has been life-altering and I hope to do good from it and promote positive mental health. Stay tuned!”

This week, she followed up on her promise to bring something positive to the world as she posed in a bikini branded with Ultra Right Beer while holding a can of the alternative beverage. Ultra Right Beer gained popularity in last year’s Bud Light incident when the company hired transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney to promote the brand. Americans boycotted the beer, knocking it off its status as the #1 seller. Ultra Right Beer, by contrast, branded itself as “100% Woke-Free American Beer.”


Ultra Right Beer caused some uproar among conservatives last year by collaborating with attractive conservative influencers to create a “Real Women Of America” calendar to show what actual women looked like in contrast to men wearing dresses like Dylan Mulvaney. The calendar sparked some division as some conservatives found scantily clad women in the name of conservatism to be tacky.  

Several influencers in the calendar cheered Gomas on when she posted her image, which has millions of impressions across multiple platforms, bringing the “Crazy Plane Lady” back to stardom. The mainstream media and the left, however, are rattled by another attractive woman coming out as right-wing.  

The Daily Mail called the image of her standing in a bikini “raunchy” and said Gomas “taunts lefties.” She elaborated on X that The Daily Mail also lied, saying they had an exclusive interview with her last year to highlight further how the fake news operates. “They came to my property after I asked them to leave multiple times,” Gomas posted.

The outlet also accused her of cashing in on her fame, as if this were a paid advertisement. Gomas insists that she bought the bikini and modeled it for free.

The left attacked Gomas on X as well, accusing her of “getting really friendly with known antisemites,” showing how the cancel mob operates as soon as they feel threatened by someone violating their leftist narratives. 


Dozens of vicious messages came her way after her post, but Gomas appears undaunted, saying, “Think I need to write a book on ‘how to trigger people.’ Ooof.”

The mainstream news and leftist mobs go crazy every time anyone reveals they might vote for Republicans. The social pressure has been so great that brands often would rather sink themselves like Bud Light did than deal with the woke mob. Tiffany Gomas is showing bravery in the face of such pressure, and Americans can only hope she continues to use her influence for good.  


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