Sexual Assault Survivors Should Be Furious at Democrats Over the Kavanaugh Hearings

Kamala Harris (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

I have friends who have been raped. For some of them, it has been a traumatic event they’d rather forget. For others, it will impact them terribly for decades to come. Every time one of them has told me about it, my first impulse has always been to do terrible violence to the person the woman says raped her. This is not something ANYONE should take lightly.


Furthermore, as a society, we have not always been as sensitive as we should have been to rape victims. That’s undeniable. However, it is also undeniable that things have changed on that front very rapidly. So rapidly, in fact, with the #MeToo movement that even before the Kavanaugh hearings, there were more than a few men publicly saying that they were worried that an accusation without proof could be enough to ruin their lives.

What you are seeing with Brett Kavanaugh is absolutely the worst nightmare of not just every man, but every person who has had even a sliver of concern about the #MeToo movement.

Here’s a guy with a sterling reputation who has been through six FBI background checks along with hundreds of hours of testimony under oath. Yet when he was about to be appointed to the Supreme Court, for the first time in his entire life he was hit with the following six sex-related accusations one right after the other.

* A woman claimed that he tried to rape her 36 years ago and failed. She doesn’t know the time, the date, or the location, but said it happened in 1982. She claimed four other people were at the party, including a friend of hers who has never even met Kavanaugh, and every last one of them denied it. She didn’t tell anyone about the assault for 30 years, but did reveal it to a therapist when Kavanaugh’s name was in the news in 2012. Not only is this woman a Bernie Sanders donor with a chance to stop a Republican from being put on the Supreme Court, she has GoFundMe accounts in her name worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. That blows a hole the size of the Grand Canyon in the whole “Why would anyone lie about this?” line.


* Another woman claimed that while they were in college and a group of friends she was with had been drinking heavily, Kavanaugh whipped out his penis in front of her as a joke. She has no witnesses to the event and the New York Times even admitted that she was telling friends that her memory was so foggy because of the drinking that she had no idea if Kavanaugh was responsible or not.

* A third woman, represented by creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti, claimed that while she was in college, she started regularly hanging out with Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge, both of whom were two years younger than her and in high school. She claimed that while she was friends with both boys Kavanaugh was running a gang rape ring at parties. Intriguingly, she says she kept going to parties with them despite this fact until she herself was drugged and gang raped, although not by Kavanaugh. Not only does she have no witnesses (despite the fact that literally hundreds of people must have some knowledge of these events), Kavanaugh says he has no idea who she is and she has not presented a scintilla of evidence that the two of them have ever met.

Then there are the three anonymous accusations, which despite the fact that they were completely unsubstantiated in every way, shape, and form, were still reported in the mainstream media.

* The fourth allegation was made anonymously. A woman claimed that her daughter, Kavanaugh, Kavanaugh’s girlfriend, and another woman were out drinking when Kavanaugh shoved his girlfriend “aggressively and sexually” into a wall. The anonymous woman claimed Kavanaugh’s old girlfriend had called her daughter asking what to do about the allegation, but had decided to remain silent. After the letter went public, Judge Dabney Friedrich, who was dating Kavanaugh at the time, responded publicly that the letter was absurd and that it had never happened.


* The fifth allegation was by a “Jeffrey Catalan,” who alleged that in 1985 in Rhode Island, a close acquaintance was sexually assaulted by a “Brett & Mark.” He claimed that this week he realized that Brett was Brett Kavanaugh. After the allegation was traced back to a Twitter account, the person behind it recanted and said he made a “mistake.”

“Do (sic) everyone who is going crazy about what I had said I have recanted because I have made a mistake and apologize for such mistake,” he tweeted.

That’s a heck of a “mistake” to make, isn’t it?

* The sixth allegation was sent to Senator Kamala Harris. It was anonymous and claimed that Kavanaugh carried out a gang rape on an unknown person in the back of a car at an unknown time and an unknown place.

First of all, these six allegations were made in a short time against a man who never had an allegation made like this against him in his whole life until he was about to be confirmed to the Supreme Court. Despite the fact that five of the six allegations (there is almost no information about #6) would have had multiple witnesses on hand, there is not a single witness who can even place Kavanaugh on the scene of any of these supposed incidents.  Every supposed incident, except the sixth one, which has no time at all, is at least two decades old. The only one that even seems to have a possible location is the second one where the accuser admits that she has gaps in her memory and told her own friends she wasn’t sure Kavanaugh was involved.


Imagine being hit with this kind of obvious smear campaign and then essentially being told that you are guilty until proven innocent. Oh, and all you have to do to prove your innocence is show definitively that you didn’t commit a crime with no date, time, or location and that every supposed witness who was there says didn’t happen. In fact, the evidence that Kavanaugh did anything wrong was so non-existent that when Democratic senators got to question him under oath at the hearing this week about these terrible sex crimes he supposedly committed, they spent almost all of their time asking about his yearbook and trying to establish that he drank in high school. Meanwhile, they were and still are pushing the idea that he’s a rapist with nothing of substance to back it up.

Worse yet, almost no one on the Left seems to even care if there is any meaningful evidence against Kavanaugh. Almost AS A GROUP, they are perfectly happy to falsely brand Kavanaugh a rapist because they’re mad about Merrick Garland, because he’s replacing Kennedy, because Trump picked him, and because he’s a Republican. It’s also stunning how many people on the Left have condemned Kavanaugh as being guilty of sex crimes seemingly for no other reason than because someone once sexually assaulted them. As my friend Jessica Fletcher said,

Then to top off all of this, the new line from the Left is that Kavanaugh is obviously unfit to be on the court because after living a virtuous life, he became publicly angry at the very people who were falsely painting him as a gang rapist to the world for political reasons.


Imagine what everyone, both male and female, who’s not in the “Kavanaugh must be a rapist because we don’t want him on the Surpreme Court” bandwagon must be thinking right now.

Even if you think something MAY HAVE happened to Christine Blasey Ford and perhaps she is having memory issues, what about the other women? When you have a woman telling her friends that she was so drunk the pope may have flashed her for all she knows, but now she’s saying it’s definitely Kavanaugh, she’s not being truthful. The allegations being made by Micahel Avenatti’s gangbang girl are completely ridiculous. So are the anonymous allegations.

What that means is that for the next 20 years when someone says, “But, women don’t lie about rape,” the reply is going to be, “Well, what about at the Brett Kavanaugh hearings?” As bad as the Duke lacrosse case was, at least there was only one woman involved.

Democrats have taken something as deadly serious as sexual assault allegations and have openly, publicly weaponized them as nothing more than another tool in the partisan toolbox. The level of JUSTIFIED skepticism and cynicism about claims of sexual assault after this is going to shoot through the roof. How can it not when people see a good man being publicly destroyed based on little more than unprovable, dubious accusations and obvious lies?

At one point in the hearing, Brett Kavanaugh said, “I ask you to judge me by the standard that you would want applied to your father, your husband, your brother or your son.” Democrats have willfully refused to do that and as a result, they have created an uglier, more politicized, more cynical attitude toward sexual assault that every woman who is victimized will now have to deal with when coming forward.



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