LGBTQ Activists Outraged That Pennywise From 'It Chapter Two' Isn't a Gay Ally

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The LGBTQ agenda is uber-egomaniacal, if I can be forgiven for adding a superlative to a superlative. That, or they’re so committed to their martyr complex that every single thing is interpreted through the lens of either being pro-gay or anti-gay — literally every single thing. How else to explain a writer for the prominent LGTBQ publication Out complaining because Pennywise from the horror film It Chapter Two isn’t a “gay ally?”


In her article (which contains spoilers) Rose Dommu whines, “I’m sad to announce that Pennywise is not gay, or even an ally. In fact, Pennywise is surprisingly anti-queer.”

In case you’re unfamiliar with the horror movie based on the Stephen King-penned novel, Pennywise is a murderous, demonic clown who tortures and eats children.

Imagine if any other identity group was upset because such a vile fictional character wasn’t identified with their cause. Imagine Christians complaining because Pennywise doesn’t quote Bible verses while terrorizing children. Imagine Muslims whining because the demonic clown doesn’t unfurl his prayer rug even once during the movie. Imagine the NRA publishing articles denouncing the filmmakers because It Chapter Two’s villain doesn’t use guns to commit his evil deeds.

None of us can imagine any of those things because it’s utterly ridiculous for an identity group to be bothered in the least by the fact that Pennywise wasn’t connected to them. The LGBTQ community, though, apparently believes that everyone and everything, including fictional characters in horror movies, must pay homage to their cause. If so, they’re uber-egomaniacal. Or, they believe that everything not promoting the LGBTQ agenda is an attack on them. That would be a martyr complex to beat all martyr complexes.


Or, actually, now that I’ve had some time to think about it, maybe Dommu has committed a Freudian slip and accidentally revealed that the LGBTQ community does prey on our children with the goal of consuming them by dragging them into an unnatural lifestyle that will destroy them. Maybe Dommu is right; maybe it’s a complete failure and disgrace on the part of the makers of It Chapter Two that Pennywise was not portrayed as a member of the LBTQ community.


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