Angry Feminists in Ireland Harassed and Tried to Silence Rape Victims


It’s been obvious for decades that if a woman is still living inside of her mother’s womb, the feminist movement considers her as a worthy sacrifice for their cause. The sexual revolution’s agenda takes precedence over human life, after all. Silencing voices speaking for unborn females is an integral part of the feminist playbook. Apparently, that tactic extends to allowing men to silence and shame women who were born as the result of rape.


Breda O’Brien reports for The Irish Times that “two young male students felt free to cut down and destroy posters advertising a meeting featuring the personal testimony of rape survivors and women born as a result of rape. They saw their actions as endorsing feminism. No feminist outrage ensued.”

O’Brien goes on to explain, “The posters they considered so threatening included ones that featured a photo of Rebecca Kiessling with the caption: ‘I was conceived in rape. I’m still a human being.’ Other posters featured a photo of Shauna Prewitt with the caption: ‘My daughter was conceived in rape. Hear Shauna’s story.'”

The victims of the harassment in the name of feminism are part of a group called Unbroken Ireland. According to the pro-life group’s website:

Unbroken is a support and advocacy group for those impacted by pregnancy from rape.

We have found our way through dark and difficult experiences. We have found strength in ourselves. We have found beauty and love in the lives of our children. We have emerged unbroken.

Our goal is to offer support for other women who have been through similar experiences, and advocate for these women and their children. We recognize that we are not defined by our rape experiences, and that our children are not defined by how they were conceived.

We work to ensure that we can rebuild our lives beyond rape; to provide a space to tell our stories, and to advocate on behalf of women and their children.


The persecution against Unbroken Ireland has extended beyond verbal harassment and the destruction of their property. Two hotels in Ireland have canceled the group’s bookings after receiving pushback from pro-abortionists. O’Brien provided examples of some of the angry denunciations the hotels have received:

‘”Hey guys, just want to know why you are holding a talk for rape apologists and right-wing extremists [Unbroken] in your hotel?’

One woman berated the hotel by saying that hosting a ‘woman-hating and abusive group who seek to harass and humiliate already brutalized rape victims both in public domains like your own and in private is disgusting and abhorant (sic)’.”

Speaking to the co-sponsor of the event, Life Institute, decried the cowardly actions of the hotels:

“It is absolutely shameful that pro-abortion campaigners feel that they can shout everyone down, and that the Gibson Hotel have effectively let repeal the 8th extremists silence women who have been raped.

“Whatever your views on abortion, I think most people would recognize that these women have an important part to play in the debate – and that their voices are rarely heard. It is frankly disgusting that abortion campaigners want to silence them.”

Of course, “no feminist outrage [has] ensued” over the harassment and attempted silencing of these victims of rape. The majority of feminists would prefer that anyone born as a result of rape be denied life. When anyone born as the result of rape gives demonstration of a happy, blessed life, that person essentially takes a rhetorical leaf blower to the feminists’ pro-abortion house of sand. When an individual who struggles with the events that led to her being given the precious gift of life still speaks out against abortion, the feminists’ house of sand is even less of a match. Rape is a great tragedy and a horrific sin before God, but not even rape justifies murdering babies. The women of Unbroken Ireland give testimony to that.




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