The 4 Big Lies That Ruined The X-Men Movie Franchise


Six movies into the X-Men series, it’s clear that this is the superhero franchise with the most overt and unapologetic leftist sympathies. As the series continues with The Wolverine, let’s review some of the most outrageously politicized elements of the saga. Here are the top four loony leftist lies that sneaked into the X-Men movies.


1. Animal rights trump human rights.

The Wolverine begins with the title figure (Hugh Jackman) living like a caveman in the lonely Yukon, where he can’t stop himself from fighting for justice and righting wrongs. He comes across a grizzly bear that’s been fatally wounded with what turns out to be a poison arrow. This kind of hunting may be poor sportsmanship and it may be illegal, but what Wolverine does is far worse: He finds the hunter in a bar, slaps him around and rams one of the man’s own poison arrows into the man’s hand, leaving him to die. Rough justice? No, that’s just murder. Sorry, X-Men, but hunters are not evil and a bear’s life and a man’s are not equivalents.main (2)

2. Gays are reviled in contemporary society.

It’s pretty hard to be gay in the Muslim world, but you won’t find the X-Men movies or any other Hollywood production making that argument.

The 2006 third installment of the series, X-Men: The Last Stand, was metaphorically a vigorous defense of the alternative lifestyles of the film’s cast of mutants — did you think it was a coincidence that the last stand happens in San Francisco?

But in order to make this case the film had to invent dastardly anti-mutant politicians, scientists and soldiers who vilified our heroes and tried to blast them with a substance that would cure them of being mutants. These days, of course, you hardly hear a word from any politico about homosexuality unless it’s from a supporter waving a rainbow flag, so it’s a little disingenuous of the X-Men movies to pretend that gays are a besieged and hated minority.


Gay director Bryan Singer, who helmed the first two movies, told the BBC, semi-jokingly, that the films’ gay subtext was important:

I could think of no better place to spill out one’s own personal problems and foist them onto the world.

Liberal reviewers loved the gay angle.

The Wolverine

3. Women are as strong as men.

To some extent, virtually all superhero movies of the last 20 years pander to female ticket buyers, but the X-Men series is more absurd than most in presenting women as the physical equals of men. Mostly the X-Women owe their strength to mutant powers, but that isn’t the case in The Wolverine.

This time, a new character, Yukio, a martial-arts expert who is a mortal with no physical superpowers, is roughly as tall and thin as a hockey stick. She appears in Wolverine’s local tavern in the Yukon and blasts through the men by wielding a sword that she swings at roughly the velocity of a helicopter blade. She is presented as more or less the physical equal of Wolverine, a hulking 225-pound slab of muscle with mutant powers.

How does that work? A woman that small would barely be able to pick up a samurai sword. Now that women have been invited into combat because it would hurt feminists’ feelings to be told they don’t have the same upper-body strength or ability to carry heavy equipment on their backs as men, society has officially given up on reality and bowed to the ridiculous Hollywood posturing about men and women being equal in all ways (except for the ways in which women are superior)


THE WOLVERINECheck-Out-the-Teaser-Poster-for-The-Wolverine-01-630x396

4. Liberalism is all about tolerance.

When X-Men: The Last Stand, which is about a proposed cure for mutant powers that is presented as a secret attempt to repress the superheroes, was released, the Left was just beginning to get into a full-on panty-twist over the notion that evil Christians and their “gay conversion therapy” were somehow both ineffectual and yet a huge threat to gays.

If the therapy doesn’t work, as the left incessantly argues, why bother to ban it, as the movement finally succeeded in doing in California last year? Because intolerance of dissenting points of view is central to smug, pious liberalism, the new secular religion. Your First Amendment rights obviously don’t extend as far as saying things that liberals declare to be out of bounds.


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