Not Being a Racist Isn't Good Enough Anymore, Proclaim Our Self-Styled Overseers

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I don’t tend to pay much attention to MSNBC second-stringer Ali Velshi, but the other day, he forcefully ejected the following nugget of cognitive fecal matter and it briefly floated to the top of the Internet. Watch this clip:

“Well, if you think you’re not racist, you could be right. But in this day and age, that’s simply not good enough. Up next: Why it’s time to check our bias at the door and lean into the discomfort that is necessary for real change.”

I didn’t watch the subsequent (ahem) segment, but I’m certain it was edifying.

This 13-second clip of an Orwellian lobotomy patient with a press pass scolding you for your insufficient anti-racism is a perfect encapsulation of the complete insanity we’ve seen over the past week. Identity politics is poison, infecting even once-sane minds with the idea that every white person in the world needs to apologize for the actions of racists. Or, in the case of the death of George Floyd, the actions of a multiracial group of police officers in a Democrat-controlled city and state. Somehow that’s my fault, just because I superfically resemble two of those four cops? I’ve been trapped in my home for three months, waiting to die of COVID-19 a Chinese virus, and now I’m an accessory to a murder that happened hundreds of miles away?

Hell, the only two things I know about Minneapolis are that Fargo is mostly set there, even though the movie is called Fargo, and that Mystery Science Theater 3000 used to be taped there. I’ve never even set foot in the place. How the hell am I supposed to keep their cops in line?

America didn’t kill George Floyd. “Whiteness” or “systemic racism” or any other trendy buzzword didn’t kill George Floyd. Those cops did. They’re in jail now, awaiting trial. Good.

That’s it. That’s all I owe anybody. Hell, I don’t even owe anybody that much. And I absolutely will not kneel and grovel for forgiveness for someone else’s crimes.

Dividing people up by race doesn’t unify them. Apologizing to someone for something you didn’t do isn’t supporting them.

I ended up having a brief discussion on this topic with the aforementioned Mr. Velshi, which is recapped here by our good friends at Twitchy. I was perhaps not as civil as I could’ve been, and for that I sincerely do not apologize. If anything, I regret my restraint. Being scolded for my “privilege” by a man who’s never met me, and who has a lot more money and social status than I do, is simply intolerable and I won’t pretend otherwise.

Here’s that other clip I was talking about, by the way. Velshi stands in the middle of a riot and tries to play Baghdad Bob:

Light the gas, then gaslight any viewer dumb enough to watch your garbage network.

Hey, at least he gets to go outside. For the past quarter of a year, I’ve done everything the smart guys told me to do. I’ve stayed inside, even more than usual. I haven’t gone anywhere or seen anyone, even more than usual. I washed my hands, for at least 20 seconds, whenever I so much as walked out to my mailbox. I ordered groceries and restaurant food online. I even figured out how to use my bank’s iPhone app so I wouldn’t need to touch an ATM. (That last one was a big step for me.) I did everything I was told to do.

I thought I was doing these things to protect not only myself and my loved ones, but society as a whole.

And now I turn on the news and see huge throngs of people in American cities, standing shoulder-to-shoulder, yelling at the top of their lungs into each other’s faces, ignoring every rule that’s been pounded into our heads for months. Social distancing? Sorry, that was before some cops killed a guy and it went viral. The actual virus gives you a pass if you’re spreading it for the right reasons, doesn’t it?

All I can do now is hope the masks some of these protesters are wearing actually work. At first we were told masks didn’t work, and then we were told they did. I guess we’ll find out in 2-14 days just how contagious and deadly this virus really is.

Gradual reopening? Forget that $#!+. America has been reopened. That door has been kicked in by the same people who spent three months screaming “GRANDMA KILLER” at anybody who wanted to reopen their barbershop or go to church or take their kids to the zoo. Those days are over. Try keeping everybody inside now. Try getting them to trust the “experts” now.

I don’t want these protesters to kill me with the deadly virus that has brought the world to a near-standstill for months, but I have no problem with their message. No, police officers shouldn’t get away with murdering people. The disgraced cops who killed George Floyd are going to stand trial, assuming there’s even a society left by that point, let alone 12 people in the entire world who can possibly be unbiased jurors.

And hey, a little virus isn’t the end of the world.



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