Lawrence O'Donnell, Who Once Challenged Mitt Romney's Son to a Fistfight, Now Loves Mitt

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A lot of people are angry at Mitt Romney for voting to convict Donald Trump. It didn’t really surprise me, because it’s just another in a long line of things Romney has done that didn’t matter. Whatever his reasons were for voting this way, it didn’t have any impact on the outcome. Classic Romney! But now it’s going to be funny to watch all the people who tore Romney to pieces in 2012. The ones who said he gave a woman cancer, and was a monster for putting his dog on top of the car. The ones who made “Binders Full of Women” the punchline to a joke nobody ever bothered to write. Now that Romney has joined the #Resistance in the most public way possible, all of that will be forgiven.


For example, here’s MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell pouring on the praise for Romney today:

Strange new respect for Romney!

This is especially funny coming from Scary Larry, who once looked straight into an MSNBC camera and challenged Mitt Romney’s son Tagg to a fistfight for defending his dad. It was sort of like a pro wrestler “cutting a promo” on an opponent, except it sucked:

This was in 2012, when this hack clown was 57 years young. But hey, you’re never too old to make an ass of yourself on national TV. Gotta love that phony-baloney Southie accent. “Yeah, I cawled ya fawtha a liah. Take ya best shawt, Taggaht!”

Well, whatever Mitt’s reasons, I hope he enjoys his new pals. Or at least they’re his pals until he pisses off their tribe again, instead of his own tribe. The people who defended him in 2012 now hate him, and the people who hated him now love him.


Me? I’m just baffled that anybody has strong feelings about Mitt Romney one way or the other. But go ahead, I’m not stopping you.



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