Women Don't Talk Much in the Latest Scorsese Film, Which Is Bad Apparently

Director Martin Scorsese attends the 2015 Kennedy Center Honors reception in the East Room of the White House in Washington, Sunday, Dec. 6, 2015. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Earlier this year, easily shocked people were shocked that Margot Robbie didn’t have very many lines in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Even though she played Sharon Tate! Who is famous for… um… being horribly murdered. This lack of representation was a very important story among our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters in the press, because we don’t have enough real problems in 2019.


Somebody even bugged Tarantino about it, and his response was very Tarantinoesque:

“Well, I just reject your hypothesis.” I wouldn’t call that a “snap” so much as a “fair assessment of a ridiculous argument,” but some people were determined to be mad about it. Time magazine even paid some reporters to watch all of Tarantino’s movies and count the number of lines women have. Because the number of lines a character speaks aloud tells you how important that character is to the story, right? If you make a movie where a male character has more lines than a female character, that means you hate women, correct?

Anyway, here’s the latest example of this nonsense that you’re supposed to care about. Niomi Harris, Daily Mail:


[T]he Irishman viewers were left baffled as it turned out that lead actress Anna Paquin spoke only six words and had 10 minutes of airtime in the entire three and a half hour film…

Taking to Twitter, many film fans let their thoughts be known, with one writing: ‘Release the rogue cut of the irishman so anna paquin can talk!’

While another shared: ‘My only real criticism is how #TheIrishman cast Anna Paquin as Robert DeNiro’s daughter and I believe she only has one line (though I might think it was partly intentional)…’

Paquin has addressed the “controversy,” and she seems okay with being cast in a Martin Scorsese film:

“I think a lot can be said without words,” she said. “I think sometimes a look is worth a thousand words and the internalised judgement that she has passed on her father is not something that she would be able to verbalise, not at that stage of her life.”

Oh. So she did some acting. In a movie.

Look, the film is called The Irishman, not The Irishwoman. It’s a Scorsese flick about mobsters in the middle of the 20th century. If you’re expecting to see a bunch of dames yapping, you don’t know much about the history of those guys in that era. They weren’t the most enlightened bunch.


(It reminds me of the people who complained about a lack of ethnic diversity on Game of Thrones. The show was based on medieval England, which wasn’t exactly a melting pot. Back then, they were too busy dying of the Black Plague to worry about black representation.)

Aren’t there plenty of movies for broads to go see? Don’t they have the Hallmark Channel and Lifetime? Is a Robert De Niro movie about a mob hitman really worth worrying about?

Poor De Niro. He’s the wokest guy in the world, the biggest Trump-hater ever, and it still isn’t enough. Nothing ever is. You can be #cancelled at any time, for any reason, and any attempt to stand up for yourself only proves your guilt. Welcome to [current year].


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