Megyn Kelly Interviews CBS Producer Fired for Having Access to Amy Robach Tape at ABC

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This week, James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas released this shocking video of ABC News anchor Amy Robach complaining about having the Jeffrey Epstein story three years ago but being silenced by the network:


Soon after this tape was released, CBS News fired one of their employees, an associate producer named Ashley Bianco, because she had access to that tape when she worked at ABC. Now Megyn Kelly is inaugurating her new YouTube channel by interviewing Bianco, who is clearly blindsided by her firing:

Note that Bianco denies being the whistleblower. O’Keefe has just published a statement from the whistleblower, who is still anonymous and claims to be still working at ABC:

“I came forward with this information bearing no motives other than to have this information public. I did not and do not seek any personal gain from this information whether it be financial or otherwise and will always decline. When I became aware of this moment, I had the same reaction as many of you did. Anger, confusion and sadness. I care not about petty political quarrels and only hope for the best in all of us.”


Read the rest here.

Kudos to Megyn Kelly. A journalist who was fired by NBC is now independently helping expose corruption at ABC and CBS. While everybody else is either ignoring the story or making excuses for it, Kelly is doing something about it.

Bianco had only been at CBS for four days. Now she’s out of a job. Why is CBS so panicky about something that happened at one of their main competitors? Why are they helping to cover this up?

Even after Jeffrey Epstein “killed himself,” women are still the ones paying the price for his crimes.

As for “journalists” like CNN’s Brian Stelter? They’ll get around to it eventually. They’ve got more important stories to chase.


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