Kathy Griffin Thinks Old White Men Are Conspiring to Ruin Her Career

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Back in 2017, Kathy Griffin beheaded Trump in effigy and it was a whole big thing. Trump fans were outraged, and Griffin fans were outraged at the Trump fans’ outrage. Speaking as a cuck RINO traitor who probably wanted Hillary to win, my main objection at the time was that reportedly Barron Trump saw it on TV and thought it was real. I don’t think it’s cool to scare a little kid just because you hate his dad. And I also object to the double standard. Any comedian who held up a fake bloody Obama head would’ve been ruined for life. (Hell, a Missouri rodeo clown got #cancelled just for wearing an Obama mask!) But other than that, I thought she should be able to do any dumb thing she wanted. She wasn’t making a threat. It was just a stupid stunt. Who cares?


By the same token, I don’t think anybody is under any obligation to hire a person who has done something like that. If Griffin’s career has suffered as a result of her own actions, well, them’s the breaks. I have no sympathy for her plight.

So I see something like this and I just shrug. Eric Scheiner, Media Research Center:

Kathy Griffin claims she doesn’t know if she’ll find “paid work” in the future – but if not, it couldn’t possibly be that she’s not entertaining – she claims “older white guys” and a “orchestrated campaign” against her are the reasons why.

In a recent appearance on KTLA to promote the release of her new film, the liberal entertainer, who famously posed with a fake severed head of the president, blamed others for her lack of work.

This might be the only time she’s ever made me laugh. Unfortunately for her, she’s being serious.

So there’s a conspiracy of old white men keeping Kathy Griffin from working. That’s one theory. Another theory — and I know this might sound crazy — is that Kathy Griffin isn’t funny anymore, if she ever was. Maybe she was barely tolerable even before that whole mess, and ever since, she’s just become a bitter old crank. Perhaps she’s a deeply unpleasant narcissist who finally wore out her welcome, and most people have moved on.

Just a theory!


My attitude toward Griffin is the same as my attitude toward Louis CK. If you don’t like what they did, then you don’t have to spend your time and money on them. If other people are still fans of theirs and want to support them, so be it. Either way, whatever happens to their careers is nobody’s business but their own.

If comedy doesn’t end up working out for Kathy Griffin, maybe she can find something more suited to her abilities. Like standing in a cornfield and scaring away crows.


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