Times Square Athleisure Wear Billboard Depicts Trump Getting Hogtied

It hasn’t even been a week since journos all lost their minds over a dumb Trump meme. They’re still #literallyshaking at the looming threat posed by an amateurishly edited video based on a scene from the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service, which was playing in an empty room in a Trump building when somebody took a cameraphone video of it, and the NYT thought it was important national news. I wonder how they would’ve reacted if that video had been playing on a giant billboard in Times Square?


I-Hsien Sherwood, Ad Age:

Three years into Donald Trump’s presidency, anti-Trump imagery is common. He’s been lampooned on the cover of Time on multiple occasions, and New York magazine just squashed him under a giant peach.

But athletic wear company Dhvani’s new out-of-home campaign features a more graphic depiction of the president, with a series of images that depict Trump tied up, on the toilet or shushed by women fed up with the actions and the rhetoric of this White House.

In an image titled “Lady Liberty,” running on a Times Square billboard, middle school teacher and Marine Corps veteran Michal Mesa binds a convincing Trump impersonator, her bare foot planted firmly on his face, in a vignette inspired by the superhero Wonder Woman and her Lasso of Truth.

If you’re a Trump fan, you may be outraged. I’m not, but you have the right to your feelings. To me, it’s a clear case of free speech. In America, we have the right to mock and belittle our leaders.

However, I do think it’s ridiculous that the same hysterics who lost their minds over that Kingsman meme are okay with a depiction of violence against the president of the United States, just because they hate him. They would’ve rioted if somebody depicted our previous president getting hogtied and then projected it 50-feet high in Times Square.


Remember when a Missouri rodeo clown had his life ruined for wearing an Obama mask? That was different, because shut up.

Libs don’t actually care about any of this stuff. It’s nothing except, as they’d put it, performative outrage. It’s trendy to bash Trump, so companies are profiting from it. Hatin’ is their business, and business is good.


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