Charlamagne tha God: Elizabeth Warren Should Just Admit She Lied About Her Ancestry

Two weeks ago, it took a hip-hop radio host named Charlamagne tha God to do what the media refuses to do: Hold Elizabeth Warren’s lily-white feet to the fire about her decades-long “I’m part-Native American” lie. He looked her right in the eye and compared her to Rachel Dolezal. It was glorious.


Eight months after Warren got ambushed by her own DNA test, she still doesn’t have a good answer. White woman speaks with forked tongue.

If she’s expecting this fundamental question about her character to go away, too bad. Nic Rowan, Washington Free Beacon:

Radio host and rapper Charlamagne tha God expanded his criticisms of Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) Thursday night, saying the 2020 hopeful has yet to apologize for her false claims to Native American heritage “in a real way…”

During a Wednesday appearance on CNN’s OutFront, Charlamagne told host Erin Burnett that he did not believe Warren has been totally straightforward about why she had claimed to be a Native American.

“She has so much policies and plans, and everything else is so detailed when you ask her about something. But when you ask her about that, she’s just like, ‘Ah, that’s what I learned from my family…’ It’s the dishonesty. You can be dishonest at one point in your life, but if you admit that, ‘Hey, I was dishonest here and I learned from that lesson,’ I can rock with you… People are gonna keep asking her about it until she acknowledges it in a real way. Meaning: ‘Hey. I did it. I was wrong. This is why I did it. I thought I could get ahead. And I learned my lesson from it.'”


A white woman looks a black man in the eye and lies to him, and he refuses to pretend he believes her. That’s considered a good thing, unless the white woman is a Democrat.

If Elizabeth Warren is the woman with a plan for everything, why doesn’t she have a plan for people asking her obvious questions about her brazen lies? Well, she rightly assumes that since she’s a woman and a Democrat, “journalists” will protect her. Erin Burnett sure tries to protect her there. She’s part of Warren’s plan. Kudos to Charlamagne for seeing through it.

Good luck getting Warren to own up to it, though. She can’t afford to be honest. She’s running for president!


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