Who's Got a Better Record on Gay Marriage, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?

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Out of all the concerns and criticisms people have about Trump, many of which I share, the one that never makes sense to me is that he’s somehow “anti-gay.” It’s the biggest reason for Pete Buttigieg’s popularity — the left loves a victim, and Mayor Pete has managed to crybully his way past Beto in the polls — and now the President of Hillaryland is using that canard in an amusing attempt to stay relevant.


This should really give a boost to Hillary’s 2016 presidential campaign, not that she needs it.

One of those “rights” she’s talking about is the “right” to marry someone of the same sex. And if Hillary Clinton thinks Trump is “attacking” it, wait until she finds out about that notorious gay marriage opponent… Hillary Clinton!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, she’s “evolved” on it. So did Obama, who was also an opponent of gay marriage until it became politically expedient to say the opposite.


Whereas this is Trump’s statement of opposition to gay marriage:

We’re over halfway through Trump’s first term, and he still hasn’t put gays in conversion-therapy camps or turned America into The Handmaid’s Tale. If he’s really the monster they say he is… what’s he waiting for?

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