Journalists Are Ignorant and Silly, But At Least They're Smug About It

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Over the years I’ve been called every name in the book, and it takes a lot to offend me anymore. But there’s one epithet that never fails to raise my ire: “journalist.”


The conversation tends to go something like this:

Dumb Person: I just read that thing you wrote and I’m angry. You call yourself a journalist?!?
Me: No.
Dumb Person: Oh. Well… you’re a terrible journalist!!!

Journalists have gone out of their way to earn the public’s mistrust, and I’m proud not to be one. Trump ran against the media and won, after they spent the whole 2016 campaign giving him publicity because they assumed Hillary would beat him, and it only seems to have driven them all even crazier. That’s the only rational explanation for these three recent news items.

If anyone at CNN had any shame, they wouldn’t publicize this award and would give no comment on it. That Parkland town hall was an utter disgrace. CNN gave a microphone to Sheriff Scott Israel, the man who failed those kids in every way possible, so he could shift the blame onto Dana Loesch and Marco Rubio. It was a travesty, and Jake Tapper just sat there and let it happen. CNN deserves the garbage ratings it’s been getting, and accepting an award for that repulsive Parkland propaganda-fest is only going to drive more people away.


But what about the next generation of journalists? Who’s going to show them the ropes?

That’s right, Lauren “Thigh High” Duca and Talia “Worst Nazi-Hunter Ever” Lavin are teaching journalism classes. This is like taking flying lessons from Stevie Wonder.

Journalism was insular to begin with, and now these creeps have just completely shut out the outside world. They live in a protective bubble of smugness, and they blame all their problems on those of us who point out their many errors of fact, logic, and judgment. They’re so awful, they’ve even alienated cuck RINO traitors like me.

I guess it beats learning to code.


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