Apartheid State: Destroying Law and Order Has Destroyed American Cities

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It may seem obvious, but the soft-on-crime movement has led to a full breakdown of law and order in America’s cities. This has resulted in cities all across the nation seeing massive spikes in crime. What many Americans may not understand is the extent of the lawlessness and the extent to which law and order have been abandoned by city leaders and prosecutors.


Sean Kennedy is a visiting fellow at the Maryland Center for Public Policy. He has extensively researched the liberalization of prosecutors in major American cities and the resulting chaos it has created. In an interview with PJ Media, Kennedy said many cities no longer have equal protection under the law, as guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution, and have created an apartheid system of justice.

“We effectively see not only criminals getting off,” Kennedy said, “but people losing faith in the justice system as a whole. There is one system for one set of people, especially in the case where even if it’s uniformly applied in one jurisdiction, the jurisdiction over it doesn’t follow those rules. So crossing the city or state line or county line will engender completely different results. When people see a kind of apartheid system of justice, they lose faith in it and you see an even further breakdown of law and order and fairness.”

Kennedy said the people pushing these policies have no logical endgame and the usual suspects are behind the efforts to destroy law and order. “They want to cut the total incarcerated population by 50% is what the ACLU declared in 2015 when they took 50 million dollars from the Open Society Foundation,” Kennedy said. “They declared they basically want to end the drug war as we see it and in legalize all these things. They think that is somehow the root of all these problems and I hate to say it, but that’s on the least nefarious end. On the more nefarious end, the entire criminal justice system is under threat. They’re individuals who’ve been published in the New York Times calling to abolish prisons. Of course, they never offer alternatives, just like in Minneapolis. The city is backtracking on abolishing its police department because they don’t have a reasonable alternative that anyone’s going to listen to.”


The results are so predictable and have played out in nightly riots across America since May. What many don’t realize is who’s pulling the strings. (Shameless plug: if you’d like to dive down the rabbit hole, you should buy my book, Behind the Curtain: Inside the Network of Progressive Billionaires and Their Campaign to Undermine Democracy.)

In any event, as many may suspect at this point, Kennedy agrees with the notion that those calling to abolish police have no real solutions in mind other than chaos. “I think making cops better, more effective, more well-trained, and, I’ll be frank, more highly accountable would be a great thing,” he said. “The problem is all solutions that are being proposed by the people who are inherently hostile to police aren’t actually seeking to do that to make police better. They want to undermine their role in society, not make them more moral, more professional, more disciplined, so that these instances of abuse don’t happen, but rather just to eliminate them altogether. That’s their solution.”

The demoralization of cops in the current environment in opposition to law and order has had predictable results. Civic leaders know there is a revolving door in rank-and-file police membership as well as bureau leadership, so city leaders will usually prevail. This has led to mass resignations.


“If you demoralize the cops from a political leadership, that’s dangerous,” Kennedy said, “because then they don’t think the mayor or the city council has their backs, but the internal leadership matters too.”

“In Baltimore, where I study a great deal, I don’t know if they can wrap their heads around this, but since before the Freddie Gray riots in 2015 until today, they’ve had five police chiefs in five years,” he added. “This revolving door of police leaders is a hugely difficult factor because it creates the phenomenon of, we’ll just wait you out, the unions or the other aspiring leaders we’ll just wait out whatever your protocol is because it’s not going to be followed through on.”

Brady White Is Every Police Officer in America

Brady White told us what the revolving door leads to: in many cases, mediocre cops doing the bare minimum requirements of the job, and not putting in what’s really required to fulfill the mission to protect and serve. On top of that, when departments can’t fill open positions and officers are stretched too thin due to never-ending riots, the police can’t respond properly to the other crimes that occur across the city.

Brady White and Michael Yon, among many others, have told PJ Media that a mass exodus of cops from urban police departments is underway, and growing. This will only lead to further erosion of law and order in America’s cities.


This is not normal. We should not just accept this as how modern cities work. “I would call these violent-crime and urban quality-of-life concerns,” Kennedy said, “but the same also applies to rioting, the unruly protest issues. When there are no consequences, and city after city has told the cops on [duty] at the time of the event to arrest them or lock them up or push them back or whatever, and then the cop gets hit with a bottle and says, ‘fine… bracelets on, you’re going in the van,’ and then two days later that that SOB is back on the street throwing bottles again, why are you going to stick your neck out?”

Kennedy said the bottom line for places like Baltimore, St. Louis, Portland, and other cities beset by lawlessness lies with the voters. Unless it gets New-York-City bad [where Giuliani won in 1983], is anyone going to do anything? They’re not going to vote for a Republican in Portland anytime soon.”

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Jeff Reynolds is the author of the book, “Behind the Curtain: Inside the Network of Progressive Billionaires and Their Campaign to Undermine Democracy,” available at www.WhoOwnsTheDems.com. Jeff hosts a podcast at anchor.fm/BehindTheCurtain. You can follow him on Twitter @ChargerJeff, and on Parler at @RealJeffReynolds.

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