The Busby Quintuplets Are Back for Season Three of 'OutDaughtered' on TLC!

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“OutDaughtered,” the reality show that follows the Busby family “six pack,” returns this week with ten one-hour episodes. The series chronicles the craziness of a family with a set of quintuplets and an older sister, and the parents who have to keep them all fed, clean, learning, having fun, and out of trouble.


Check out the trailer here:

It must be hard to keep all of their names straight, never mind trying to potty train Ava, Olivia, Hazel, Riley, and Parker all at once! Throw in big sister Blayke, and you can see how challenging life in the Busby family might be.

The series enters its third season and includes a few life twists. One of the girls needs a second eye surgery, complicating an already chaotic scene. The quints are now two years old, so you know what that means — lots of lessons on not hitting, potty training, appropriate behavior, and all sorts of fun.

The series has proven quite popular in previous seasons, finishing as the #21 rated cable show on January 17, for instance. It has been especially popular among female viewers, especially in the 18-49 age demographic. It’s no wonder that it was picked up for a third season.

Along with the stress of everyday life, the new season also gives viewers a sneak peek into the unexpected reactions by parents Adam and Danielle to their anxiety. New parents will especially identify with the occasional feelings of helplessness, inadequacy as parents, and even clinical depression as their lives have been turned completely upside-down by the challenges of parenting such a large brood.

The quintuplets made history as the first all-female set born in America, and the first born anywhere in the world since 1969. They were conceived with the help of fertility drugs and intrauterine insemination, and the entire delivery took only four minutes.


If you can’t get enough of the Busby clan on TLC, you can also follow the millennial parents and their adventures on Instagram — Adam’s is here, Danielle’s is here, and the family’s is here. Adam is also on Twitter at and the family is at Finally, they also post scenes that don’t make it into the TLC show on their family YouTube account.


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