Next Time Someone Tells You Non-Citizens Don't Vote in U.S. Elections, Tell Them About Christine Chernosky

Pat Wellenbach

I have waited more than two years to write this piece. During those 26 months, I have been waiting for one single news outlet to cover the case of Christine Chernosky, a Canadian citizen who voted in an American presidential election.


Remember the name: Christine Chernosky.

Despite all of the news outlets that cover elections, including well-funded philanthropic projects such as Pro Publica, the American Prospect, and even the fey leftist law professor who fancies himself the oracle of all the latest election news, Rick Hasennot one single news outlet mentioned Christine Chernosky, the alien who voted in the presidential election.

We will get to why in a moment, but first some context.

I and others who study elections closely have been saying for at least five years that the greatest foreign influence on American elections is foreigners voting in them.

The problem has been documented in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and especially in sanctuary cities. It isn’t hard to find problems either. So many aliens are getting on the rolls that they write letters asking to be taken off when they realize it fouls up their naturalization applications to be breaking federal law by registering to vote.

Pennsylvania has allowed thousands, if not more, aliens onto their voter rolls. To add insult to injury, they are hiding the extent of the problem. I have been locked in federal litigation with Pennsylvania for years trying merely to obtain the government records associated with the mop-up Democrats in Pennsylvania’s executive branch attempted.

They have been playing hide-the-facts the whole time.

Project Veritas Strikes Again: Voter Fraud Aids Rep. Ilhan Omar

Virginia has had a problem with noncitizen voter registration. Fairfax County saw hundreds of people escape jury duty after they swore under oath they were not citizens – potential jurors drawn from the voter rolls. It turns out Virginia has been canceling citizens as non-citizens, a fact discovered only after the government classified these same individuals as “declared non-citizens” and vouched that they never re-registered to vote.


But alien voting is real, and it is happening in substantial numbers.

Whenever we say that, the usual phalanx on the left appears to discredit the allegation. Groups like LULAC, the League of Women Voters, and others even bring lawsuits to attack the messenger or to stop citizenship verification efforts.

Some of their favorite smears are that we are peddling in conspiracy theories or that there is no evidence of alien voting. Alien voting, you see, is probably the worst sort of voter fraud because it is entirely preventable, and Congress has the power to prevent it.

Many of the instances of alien voting are caused by a broken Motor Voter registration system. Enacted by Congress as new President Bill Clinton’s top priority, the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 mandated that states offer voter registration when people transact business at the state motor vehicles department.

Whether by design or accident, the last 27 years have been a mess.

We have obtained widespread evidence that aliens are marking the form question – “Are you a U.S. Citizen?” – “NO” and still getting registered to vote. Others leave the question blank and get registered. Still more untruthfully answer yes and get registered. Americans are often shocked to learn there is no citizenship verification process by the states. States that have tried to verify citizenship to clean rolls are usually sued by the usual phalanx of leftist groups.

There must be something about aliens voting that they like.

Which brings me back to one particular alien voter, Christine Chernosky.


Up until this point, the crazies reading this piece have been waiting for my reveal, the proof that Christine Chernosky is indeed an alien voter.

They are ready to hit their debunk macros at the Philadelphia Inquirer and at the Huffington Post.

This time, however, a federal court of appeals is the source for establishing that Christine Chernosky was an alien who voted in the presidential election. You can read the opinion from the Eight Circuit Court of Appeals here.

A Biased Reuters Makes It Personal—and Gets Election Fraud Completely Wrong

That makes it all the stranger that not one single news outlet covered Chernosky’s illegal voter fraud in the 26 months since the decision was handed down.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, has reported on the case for over two years. None of the usual writers who deny that alien voting occurs have said a word. I have been running Google searches on the case, and it has been disappeared by the usual election law crowd.

That’s no accident, as these same elitists who cover election law and voter fraud are the original proponents of cancel culture, with their advocacy of speech regulations and harassment inducing disclosure requirements. They even have the benefit of captive students who are forced to buy the professor’s rarely-sold book as a textbook.

At issue in the case was whether Chernosky should be booted out of the country for voting in an American election.

The United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit said yes.

Christine Chernosky “entered the United States on a six-month, non-immigrant visitor visa,” according to the court. In other words, she was a tourist.


Nevertheless, she applied for a Minnesota driver’s license. When anyone does that, a Motor Voter form appears on the computer screen or is included as part of the standard DMV form. It asked her if she wanted to register to vote. Indeed, Motor Voter mandates that all applicants be asked if they want to register.

Chernosky never answered. She never even signed the attestation swearing that she was a United States citizen. The court:

Nevertheless, Minnesota officials registered her to vote, and mailed her a voter registration card, which assigned her a voter number and provided information about her polling place.

Pretty cool that a Canadian can get registered so easily in American elections, eh?

Chernosky tried to argue that Motor Voter entrapped her, that it was the government that was at fault. She’s probably right—Motor Voter is a mess and is shoving aliens onto American voter rolls.

The bad news for Chernosky is she signed a form at the poll again saying she was a United States citizen.

It’s hard to know for sure if Motor Voter pushing aliens onto the rolls is a feature or a glitch. One thing that is for sure, it is happening all over the country.

The same thing has been happening in Harris County, Texas. Home to Houston, Harris has been registering aliens who actually mark “NO,” they are not a citizen.

Nobody in good faith can be happy with the broken status quo. While groups like LULAC and the Southern Coalition for Social Justice litigate cases to deter cleaning up American voter rolls, the facts are that aliens are getting registered to vote, and registered in sizeable numbers.


Remember, in Pennsylvania alone, it is undisputed that there are at least thousands who became registered. We would know more if Pennsylvania wasn’t hiding records of their dumpster fire.

Everyone always wants to know, what can be done? Republicans had a chance from 2017 to 2019 to fix a broken Motor Voter citizen verification system. I don’t need to tell you all what happened. It’s the same story for the entire GOP-led Congress during those years: missed opportunities.

Tuck this one away, and next time you hear that aliens don’t vote in American elections, tell them you know it happens because you know about Christine Chernosky.


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