Democrats and the New Jim Crow

Imagine an election for president where votes cast at the ballot box mean next to nothing. While activist groups gripe about long lines and the return of Jim Crow whenever someone has to pull out a photo ID, it’s the Democratic Party primary that deserves scorn for disenfranchising voters this year. With Hillary stacking up the super-delegates even while Bernie Sanders keeps winning, why should anyone bother voting?


This is nothing new. The Democrat Party has a long history of disenfranchising its party members and voters through Jim Crow laws that disenfranchised the vast majority of African Americans. Jim Crow was invented by Democrats and administered by Democrats.

While the hyperbole of Jim Crow is tossed at Republicans who seek to bring integrity to elections, it is the Democrats practicing systematic disenfranchisement again in 2016. Bernie Sanders won seven of the last eight Democratic primaries or caucuses but he is no closer to winning the Democratic Party nomination.

Consider New Hampshire, where Bernie Sanders won by 22 points with the voters, but tied or lost the state because the party leaders control the winner through super-delegates. Fifteen percent of the delegates to the Democratic National Convention are super-delegates, party leaders, insiders, and elected officials who may vote for whomever they like without regard to the popular vote, and nearly all of them support Hillary Clinton. Whoever wins the super-delegates is on a fast track to winning the Democrat nomination, voters be damned.

Campaign poster for Hiester Clymer (D-PA)

Contrast this with the Republican nomination process.

Republican delegates, with very few exceptions, are bound to vote for the winner as chosen by the voters of their state on the first ballot of the convention. There will be no “super-delegates” in Cleveland. If Donald Trump wins the required majority of 1237 delegates, Donald Trump is the nominee, period.


Efforts to disenfranchise ordinary Democrats do not stop with super-delegates, however.

Democrats and their leftist allies in the disenfranchisement community are pushing mandatory voter registration across the country. Mandatory voter registration automatically registers people to vote at the DMV even if they don’t want to be registered. Contrary to what the elites in academia and on MSNBC think, plenty of Americans want nothing to do with the electoral process, even including adding their name to a list.  They want to live off-the-grid politically. When they choose not to decide, they still have made a choice, to quote a Canadian.

Worse, mandatory voter registration cannot be by party. The DMV cannot pick a party for a person, unlike the normal voter-initiated registration system. Most voters will not be aware that they now need to register twice to vote in closed primary states, and as result will not be allowed to vote in the primary. (Over 28,000 people fall in this category in Oregon.)

So if you are registered in a mandatory voter registration state, you face hurdles to full participation.  Thankfully, only a couple states have adopted this bad policy.

This is the perfect scenario for the disenfranchisement of ordinary Walmart Democrat voters in favor of leftists and the Democratic Party elite. Only insiders and people who understand the system will be able to vote in the primaries. It’s too late if you learn this on election day.


The leftists love mandatory voter registration for another reason. While more mainstream Democrats are disenfranchised in the primaries, it is a different story in November. Republicans, Green Party members, Libertarians, and independents are disenfranchised in the general election when legal votes are cancelled by the lawless voting.

For those who want election-process rules to determine election outcomes, mandatory voter registration is a dream. Mandatory voter registration adds literally thousands of names to voter rolls who have no intention of ever voting. And anyone familiar with the mechanics of absentee-ballot fraud understands how this damages the integrity of elections.

Vote fraud has helped to fundamentally transform America. The culture of lawlessness voter fraud deniers seek to conceal has delivered policy. It brought us Obamacare, and that’s probably why so many academics and so-called civil rights organizations pretend it doesn’t exist.

Whether you believe the problems with ACORN, the ability to vote without any true connection to the state under “same-day registration,” the suspiciousness of election errors only going one way, disparate treatment of absentee ballots in Republican- and Democratic-leaning counties, illegal felon votes providing the margin of victory, or fraudulent non-citizen votes providing the margin of victory, the Minnesota Senate race in 2008 was won by vote fraud.


That Senate race, which elected Al Franken, provided the crucial 60th vote in the Senate that passed Obamacare.

Without disenfranchising people through vote fraud, there is no Obamacare, and that’s why so many leftists at universities and in television studios pretend it doesn’t exist.

The ultimate irony is that the Democrats and their leftist fellow travelers accuse Republicans of bringing the return of “Jim Crow.” But don’t think you’ll get anywhere near the Democrat convention without photo ID.  Democrats require ID to vote at, or even just attend, the Democratic National Convention. You can’t even get into the offices of the ACLU without photo ID.

Three generations after Democrats used to ask black voters “how many bubbles are in a bar of soap” before they were allowed to register, Democrats remain the masters of disenfranchisement of their own voters and all of America.


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