Self-Appointed DOJ 'Voting Rights Gladiator' Battles Kansas Secretary of State Kobach

DOJ Voting Section attorney Bradley Heard was in the courtroom of federal judge Eric Melgren today.  Heard was trying to persuade Melgren that Kansas can’t ensure that foreigners aren’t registering to vote in Kansas.


Things didn’t go so well for Mr. Heard, which is surprising because he is a “Voting Rights Gladiator.”

A what?

That’s right — according to Bradley Heard’s own Twitter account, he is a “Voting Rights Gladiator” in addition to being an “Outside Agitator.”


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What is most curious about Mr. Heard’s Twitter feed is how much official business he discusses.  Get the clips while they are hot, for they are sure to vanish soon.


Us? Does he mean “the United States,” or, maybe other gladiators?  Once upon a time, DOJ Voting Section lawyers didn’t take to personal internet accounts and reveal mental impressions about their cases. “Tough questions” reveals that the Voting Rights Gladiator found the battle with Secretary of State Kobach to be difficult. Kobach landed blows. Did Kobach have a scimitar and net?

Either way, the Voting Rights Gladiator tweeted out his impressions on a personal Twitter account and he did it on the government dime.

Mr. Kobach will certainly be paying attention to the Voting Rights Gladiator describing the blows.

The Voting Rights Gladiator has long been concerned about state efforts to ensure that only citizens are registering to vote. Months ago, he tweeted as much:

twwet 1

The Election Assistance Commission produced a lengthy brief advancing the cause of the radical left — and arguing that states can’t use voter registration forms to ensure that only citizens are registering to vote.  Did the DOJ write this brief secretly for the Election Assistance Commission?  A few public records requests would probably reveal as much.  Perhaps the court can ask the Voting Rights Gladiator next time he does battle in the Kansas courtroom.


Remember Bradley Heard’s coworker at the Voting Section, Daniel Freeman? He was the fellow that started an uncivil booing campaign of Paul Ryan at the inauguration. After he was shamed on the Drudge Report and on the floor of the U.S. House, Freeman walked the Voting Section apologizing to people for embarrassing the Section.

But back to the Voting Rights Gladiator, right after the page break.

When attorneys appear in federal court, they usually don’t reveal their background. The Voting Rights Gladiator has a long history of doing battle, including with his law partners.  From the PJ Media “Every Single One” expose on Heard:

Before joining the Voting Section, Mr. Heard worked for a number of years at the Advancement Project, a radical left-wing voting organization. The Advancement Project has worked closely with the ACLU, NAACP LDF, Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights, and other liberal advocates to oppose voter ID statutes, felon disenfranchisement laws, and citizenship verification regulations, and to take myriad other militant positions on state and federal voting rights laws. Mr. Heard fit right in at the Advancement Project, having previously founded the Georgia Voter Empowerment Project, which describes its mission as increasing the “civic participation levels of progressive-minded Georgians.”

Amusingly, before moving to Washington, Mr. Heard had a nasty breakup with his plaintiff’s civil rights firm in Atlanta. He commenced litigation against his partners, who in turn claimed he was engaging in misconduct. Heard then sought criminal arrest warrants against his former partners, charging that they had engaged in false voter registration and voting by an unqualified elector, both felonies. The court declined to issue the warrants.


It’s no surprise that the Voting Rights Gladiator was not concerned with non citizens registering to vote. In 2010, True the Vote gave the same DOJ Voting Section voter registration records showing that multiple Texas voter registrations were approved from people who indicated they were not U.S. citizens on the face of the registration forms.  The response from the Voting Section?  Crickets.

This is the same lawless Civil Rights Division which I wrote about in Injustice. If Judge Melgren and his clerks want to learn more about the lawless operation that appeared in his courtroom today, I’d recommend my book Injustice. It was a New York Times bestseller and I hear that federal judges and state officials across the country keep a copy handy.


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