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Samuel Betances: Race Hustler on the Dole

Samuel Betances.

The Obama administration would have you believe trimming federal fat will cause a calamity.  Here’s a suggestion — stop giving federal money to Samuel Betances.

Betances is the top-shelf race hustler who receives your hard-earned tax dollars to go inside federal agencies in Washington, D.C., and teach government workers that America is a racist country.  Judicial Watch obtained records of one of his looney talks at the U.S. Department of Agriculture.  It contained a  creepy call and response that would have made the Symbionese Liberation Army proud.

“I want you to say: ‘If we work for a federal agency.’ Say that. (Audience repeats.) ‘We have discriminated in the past.’ (Audience repeats.) Say: ‘Every federal agency’ (audience repeats) ‘has discriminated against African Americans’ (audience repeats), ‘Hispanics’ (audience repeats), ‘Native American Indians’ (audience repeats) ‘and other groups’ (audience repeats),” Betances preaches.

Kathleen Parker has the full sordid inventory at the Washington Post.

Here’s a bet — one year from today, Betances will still be on the government dole.  He will still be earning hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to provide “diversity training” to federal employees.  Never mind that this training is rancid, wrong, divisive, foul, and creepy, he will still be earning your money to teach it.

How is this possible?  One reason is the racialist left is louder than common-sense Americans tired of racial division.  The bureaucratic inertia cannot be overcome inside places like the USDA, DOJ, and Department of Everything Else in Washington.  See, diversity training is a priority inside the government, across all administrations.  And the only people selling the training, and all those buying the training inside the civil rights offices at each agency, probably see nothing wrong with Betances’ curriculum.

Doubt it?  Then get involved yourself and pick up your phone.  Call any federal agency’s civil rights office and talk to your civil servants about this story.  You’ll hear excuses why they can’t talk on the phone to you.  You’ll hear descriptions of their own program and how it works.  You’ll hear sweet nothings of emptiness.

One thing you will not hear is a single one of these people condemn the spew coming out of Betances’ mouth — because they believe it.

Betances is a small example of a widespread agenda.  It is a poisonous agenda that burns through millions of your tax dollars in training programs to ensure that the federal workforce is, at worst, exposed to Betances’ poison, and, at best, come to believe in it.

And it matters, because the more racial hostility and division that lurk in the minds of your federal employees, the more policies skew toward the aims of the racialists.  They move the narrative on your dime.

About that sequester?  Any chance we can increase civility in the dialog and give Dr. Betances’ his walking papers?  Don’t bet on it.