Rule of Law

Go Inside the Obama Cave

You thought Mitt Romney was beaten badly in 2012?  You don’t know nothing.

It was worse than you ever imagined – and there are no signs that the GOP understands what it is up against.  If you want to go Inside the Obama Cave, click here and read this staggering report on the Obama campaign ground game, data management and how they destroyed Romney.

Here’s the bad news: the GOP doesn’t even start to conceptualize the battle this way.  The culture of the GOP political apparatus is Beltway-heavy, stodgy, slow, TV centric.  Think the Maginot Line compared to Stormin’ Normin. 

The DC consultancy class, Congressional Republicans, and the party structure can’t even begin to think in these data driven terms. At best, a scaled down model of the Obama 2012 model will be in place in 2016, while the Obama model of 2012 will be made obsolete by these same people creating something more powerful in 2016. Meanwhile, huge amounts of GOP money will go into TV advertising and direct mail.