Which D.C. Lawfirm Will Snap Up Lanny Breuer?

So finally another resignation from the bloody Fast and Furious scandal at DOJ.  Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer has resigned.

He’s down, but not out.  Expect a high priced Washington D.C. lawfirm to snap Breuer up.  Disgraced Democrats usually find soft landings at big left leaning D.C. lawfirms.  Former Deputy Attorney General David Ogden, for example, has landed nicely back at WilmerHale.  His clients include plenty of unnamed “leading companies.”


Brewer practiced law at Covington and Burling, a firm noted for representing Islamic terrorists free of charge.  So did his ex-boss Eric Holder.  I’ll bet Breuer is back at Covington before you can say Jack Robinson.  Once Eric Holder leaves the Justice Department after closing down GITMO, Covington will probably welcome him back with open arms – the only Attorney General of the United States to have been found in contempt of Congress.

Such is the intersection between Big Law and the Democrat Party in Washington D.C.

Whatever lawfirm takes Breuer, you can be sure PJ Media will be on it.


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