Animals Swarm Around Michelle Malkin

Twitter provides a fine example of the unfiltered rot that exists in American culture.  I’m not talking exhibitions of poor taste, I’m talking about human beings thinking and speaking as a hateful animal would if they could barely cross the frontier of speech.  Go to Michelle Malkin’s Twitter stream to see the vile racist, sexist and murderous things being hurled at her over the last 12 hours because she criticized a rapper’s album cover depiction of Jesus as a gangster.  A  small sample:


Andre, who notes he is “God’s Child,” but fails to specify which god, says:

Bushels of good old vulgar racism appear, demonstrating for all to see that open racism these days comes from curious new corners, a small sample:

And what would a swarm of ignorant animals be without the appearance of, well, plain ignorance:

No gathering of animals is complete without threats to kill.  Michelle endured several of those also.

One of the joys of the Narina series by C.S. Lewis are the speaking animal characters.  Its fun to meet a witty and endearing talking mouse like Reepicheep or the determined Mr. and Mrs. Beaver.  But if animals could really talk, I suspect they’d sound more like the violent tribal vulgarity we find this morning on Michelle Malkin’s Twitter stream.


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