No Virginia, the RNC CANNOT Monitor Polls for Ballot Security

Much of the conservative world seems shocked that the RNC is constrained from doing anything about voter fraud.  The left wing blogosphere is laughing at everyone who didn’t know this already.  To me, it’s old old news – sort of like the abolition of poll taxes.  In fact, the abolition of poll taxes in 1964 is closer in time to the consent decree that the RNC entered with the DNC in 1982 than we are today distant from that same 1982 consent decree.


Simply, under the terms of the order, the RNC cannot engage in ballot security efforts to combat voter fraud.

This is part of the larger pattern of conservatives simply not understanding the way the left has manipulated the Machine.  Read my piece at Front Page for more warnings about the state of play.

To the RNC’s credit, they’ve tried to get out of it.  So it is up to private citizens to make sure our polls are free from criminal conduct.




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