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Partners in Crime: Media Matters and DOJ

Some months ago, PJ Media submitted a Freedom of Information request to the Department of Justice. The request asked for all of the communications between the Office of Public Affairs and the Soros-funded Media Matters about Katie Pavlich’s must-read book Fast and Furious.  The Office of Public Affairs is headed by the notorious screamer Tracy Schmaler.

Anyone who has followed the Fast and Furious scandal closely knows that the Office of Public Affairs has been central to deceiving the public and bullying inquisitive reporters.  Thug tactics unbecoming of the Department of Justice have become standard at the Office of Public Affairs.

Despite the fact that PJ Media’s original request was clearly identified as directed to the Office of Public Affairs, the DOJ routed the request to the Civil Rights Division, which on its face has absolutely nothing to do with the request.  That’s called buying time.

Finally, DOJ has at last responded to PJ Media’s request, sort of.  The response letter says that precisely a single document exists responsive to our request.

A single document?

PJ Media had to sue DOJ to pry documents from them before.  It seems they haven’t learned the lesson.

So let’s examine that single document.