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Holder Defends Foreigners Voting in Florida Elections

The real scandal (as Hans von Spakovsky calls it) in the fight between Florida and the Eric Holder Justice Department is that Holder is ultimately defending foreigners voting in American elections.  Try that position on for size amongst the general public, and Obama’s campaign strategists aren’t going to like the outcome.

The Justice Department lawsuit against Florida will stop Florida from removing non-citizen voters from the rolls by freezing the entire purge process.  Justice claims that immediate removal of foreigners falls within time limits that restrict Florida’s ability to remove legitimately registered voters.

But a citizen of Guatemala isn’t a legitimately registered voter in Florida in the first place.  They committed a crime when they registered to vote. Florida and the Justice Department should be indicting and prosecuting these voters who falsely registered.

But maybe they made a simple mistake when the registered to vote? Nonsense.

The voter registration form requires two very deliberate mistakes to be made if a foreigner registers to vote. First, the foreigner must mark a “YES/NO” check-box that they are a citizen. Then the foreigner must sign on a line that swears under penalty of perjury they are eligible to vote. The very first instructions on the form say: “To Register in Florida you must be a US Citizen.” Then in red print it states: if you are not a citizen “you are not eligible to register.”

After the fight between Florida and Holder sorts out, it will be time to prosecute the foreigners who registered and voted in Florida elections. It is a felony under both Florida and federal law for a foreigner to register and vote. The ones who did should go to jail. It is pretty clear that only Florida has any interest in charging these illegal registrants. Holder considers them “the base” or “his people.”

And nobody should be surprised this is happening. The radicals at the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund who fought against Georgia verifying that only citizens are registered to vote in 2009 are now driving the case against Florida from new jobs inside the Justice Department.

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