Rule of Law

Hope Lost: Confessions of a former Obama supporter

There is a eye opening article over at the American Spectator by Arnold Trebach.  I say that not just because he mentions Injustice.  It is the story of a man who cried with joy at Obama’s inauguration, and then watched racial rot and corruption devour the administration, most obviously with the New Black Panther dismissal.

“Like so many others, I found myself actually weeping at the wonder and the hope that filled American hearts during the Inauguration ceremonies. And  like so many others I have almost cried since that day, but for other  reasons. . . . The sad truth is that our president has  flunked every racial test he has taken  . . . Anti-white and anti-Semitic thugs are flourishing in this spineless atmosphere — even though we Americans had every right to expect Mr. Obama to deal with them harshly. All of which brings us  back to the New Black Panther case. Remember that one?”