Rule of Law

Civil Rights Activists Rally in Florida for Accused Voter Fraudsters

The civil rights industry madness is happening again, this time in Florida.  A voter fraud sweep in Madison County Florida caught widespread absentee ballot fraud, aided allegedly by the Madison County Supervisor of Elections to the benefit of an arrested school board member. (details and perp shots here.)  Instead of shame, the “civil rights” activists in the community held an obscene and disgusting rally in support of the accused.  Also appearing was the local president of the NAACP to support the accused.  He reports that the Florida state president of the NAACP “have their eyes on the situation.  That is a warning. They don’t like what has happened just like you don’t like what has happened.”  The video must be seen to be believed.  All the corrupt rot of the modern civil rights industry is on full display.

The rally begins by singing revered hymns such as “We Shall Overcome.”  The speakers claim the accused were arrested because of “racism.”  Like the German Army belt buckle, the speaker says the accused will be victorious “because God is on our side.”  The bloody shirt is waved – “they thought they forever would be in charge.”  The criminal accusations are “nothing but mud thrown on the wall,” followed by a disturbing call and response evidencing genuine lawlessness beyond just the speakers.

Madison County Florida isn’t the first time that voter fraud criminals have been arrested and a rally resembling a civil rights protest follows.  In my book Injustice, I describe how the modern civil rights industry has become an intellectual smokescreen for criminal activity, particularly voter fraud.  In one Alabama county, multiple people were arrested for voter fraud.  The reaction among the “civil rights” leadership in the community? Exactly like Madison County, Florida.  Behold from Injustice:

As the investigation wrapped up, Attorney General King described “a systemic  problem of corruption” in Hale. “It is a culture problem, an elite believing they have the right to decide who holds office,” he declared.  Eventually three women active in the all-black political faction would face justice. Two of them, Valada Paige Banks (who had previously been convicted of welfare fraud) and Rosie Lyles, were indicted on multiple felony voter fraud counts in August 2007. In a stunning display of racial solidarity, more than 200 people, almost all black, packed their arraignment hearing and loudly applauded when not guilty pleas were entered. In a corrupt appropriation of the moral authority of the civil rights movement, they wore t-shirts that said, “Greensboro 2: Injustice Anywhere is a Threat to Justice Everywhere.”  Outside the courthouse, supporters held hands in a huge circle, sang songs from the civil rights movement, and prayed for the defendants’ legal deliverance.

See the pattern?  Bear in mind, the Justice Department turned a blind eye toward the illegal conduct for years because the DOJ attorney on the case explicitly refused to investigate wrong doing by black criminals in Alabama as I describe in my book. In Alabama, they called them the Greensboro 2, and they all eventually entered guilty pleas.  At the rally in Florida, they are the “Madison 10.”

Make sure you watch the whole video to where the crowd breaks out in “Go Tell it on the Mountain.”

So when voter fraud deniers like Justin Levitt, Tova Wang or Jon Greenbaum attack efforts to ensure the integrity of American elections, never forget the lengths that their ilk will attempt to appropriate the noble orgins of the civil rights movement to advance their rotted cause.