Rule of Law

Colluding to restrict free speech.
Upset with the Citizens United decision, they want forced disclosure.
Live by the biography, die by the biography.
Bad actors in the media, imprecise statements from Carson.
And you only have one more day to tell the FEC what you think about that.
Instead of opposing racial classifications and racial division, the Obama administration is doing what it does best: taking sides against American traditions of equality and unity.
Boehner and McCarthy allies repeatedly say only 30 GOP House members oppose them. Not so.
He attacks Obama's co-opting of the DOJ for the advancement of leftism, not justice.
Democrats shouldn't take glee in Boehner's ousting: the revolution is done messing around, and they are next.
Jeb Bush has had these strongly held views . . . for at least seven days.
The Supreme Court has never taken up the issue, contrary to what you've heard elsewhere in the media.
Yet Karla Dobinski is still employed at the DOJ.