Soros-Funded Meeting of Voter Fraud Deniers Hold Election Law Conference

Last month, a collection of groups funded by George Soros held a conference on election law and the upcoming 2012 election.  PJ Media has obtained details of the event from an attendee.  Our eyes and ears are extensive.  The meeting was one long attack on voter integrity efforts in the 2012 election.  The sponsor was the Fair Elections Legal Network, a group that has received $105,000 from the Soros-funded Tides Foundation since 2007.


The speakers were Deven Andersen of the “Black Youth Vote!”; Robert “Biko” Baker of the League of Young Voters Education Fund; and Eric Marshall of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law. Andersen was the recipient of a fellowship from the Soros funded radical organizing outfit Center for Community Change.  The panel was moderated by Megan Donavan of the sponsor organization, the Fair Elections Legal Network.  Donovan hails from the vote fraud denying Brennan Center for Justice by way of the Center for Reproductive Rights, proving that ideology may be more important than specialization.

These types of groups exist primarily to attack any effort to combat voter fraud or ensure the integrity of elections.  As I write in my book Injustice, there is “an enormous and well-funded industry of voter fraud deniers that provides an intellectual smokescreen for this lawlessness.”

Deven Andersen, obviously a top-shelf racialist, casts all Tea Partiers and election integrity proponents as racists: “The Tea Party is a reincarnation of the White Southern Democrats.   They want to turn the clock back to 1866 and make blacks second rate citizens again,” he told the crowd.  “Conservatives don’t like people of color.  They are stuck in 1866.”  Specifically, the nut Andersen named the King Street Patriots, a voter integrity effort in Houston, Texas.


Robert Baker took the nuttiness a step further, claiming there is a “conservative war on voting” and that “young blacks are being taken out of the electoral process.”  Baker said what few are willing to say publicly in their opposition to photo voter identification:  “Why don’t young people of color have the proper ID? . . . Why can’t they just go to the DMV and get one like everyone else?  Here’s a typical scenario explaining why:  I have a few unpaid speeding tickets.  If I go to the DMV, they will call the cops and I’ll be arrested, so it’s not worth trying to get an ID so I can vote.”

Eric Marshall of the Lawyers’ Committee bemoaned the fact that regular Tea Party citizens “were winning the debate.”  He said groups like “True the Vote want to suppress the vote.”  Perhaps Marshall and Andersen will be schooled in the finer points of defamation law shortly.  Marshall said True the Vote will “prevent anyone who looks different than them from voting,” an outright lie by Marshall.  Marshall, a top-shelf voter fraud denier, claimed that no dead people are voting.  Marshall obviously never heard of Lafayette Keaton, who voted for dead people in Oregon, including his own son.  Marshall singled out the Heritage Foundation, calling them the center of lies about voter fraud.


While this meeting of nuts might sound fanciful to most Americans, it is indicative of the lengths the voter fraud deniers go to stoke up their base, and scare law enforcement officials from enforcing laws to ensure electoral integrity next year.  But now, people are paying attention to their efforts to incite lawlessness.



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