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Man Shouting 'Allah Akbar' Goes on Stabbing Spree in Hamburg Supermarket; One Dead

Early reports are that a suspect currently under arrest went on a stabbing spree in Hamburg, Germany, today, injuring several shoppers and killing at least one.

And according to one eyewitness, the suspect was shouting, "Allah Akhbar!"

Deutsche Welle reports:

Hamburg police reported that a knife attack in a Hamburg supermarket on Friday afternoon has left one person dead and several injured.

In a press statement, a police spokesperson said that the suspect had entered the supermarket and suddenly began stabbing customers before fleeing the building. Bystanders followed the suspect and alerted the police, who arrested the man shortly thereafter in a nearby street.

The suspect has not yet been identified.

The supermarket where the attack took place is located in Barmbek, a northeast neighborhood in the northern port city of Hamburg.

As I reported here at PJ Media last night, U.S. officials are warning coalition partners of 19,000 ISIS fighters on the loose.

This comes a week after a report that Interpol has sent out a list of 173 potential ISIS suicide bombers.

Today's attack in Hamburg takes place amidst a rash of ISIS-inspired attacks already this year in Paris, London, Brussels, Stockholm, and the suicide bombing in Manchester.

And, of course, the Christmas market attack in Berlin last December that killed 12 people.

Earlier this week, a suspect attacked police at the Spain-Morocco border, also shouting, "Allah Akhbar."

This follows a trend of terror escalation in Europe:

We will update on the Hamburg situation as more information becomes available.