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How We’re Losing the War to Save The Islamic World, Part III: How to Stop Terrorists and Allow Islam to Westernize

Some of you are looking at that title and saying something like “Islam will never Westernize.  Their ‘reformation’ will only make them more fundamentalist/more literal about the Koran.”

It is beyond the purview of these posts to go into the nature of Islam as opposed to other religions, and I’m not stupid enough to tell you that Islam has no bloody borders, or that religion has nothing to do with terrorism.

What I’m going to tell you, on the other hand, is that Islam is not always on the warpath.  Under certain conditions, it becomes far more tractable, and its culture even starts changing.  No, it’s not pretending to be tractable until it has a chance to strike, or actually it doesn’t matter if it is.  If it stays in that mode long enough, kids will be raised in a westernized lifestyle and eventually, terrorists will find no foothold.  And yes, this will happen for the simple reason that our way of life is better and more successful.  If we communicate this to the vast masses of Islam who live inside their countries, are told daily they’ll inherit the Earth by the power of Allah, and don’t know any more about us than our leftists really know about them.

If you doubt the previous paragraph, google images of Iran under the shah.  There are others from other now-crazy-Islamic countries.  Honestly, looking at them, they look like scenes from any Mediterranean country in the fifties and sixties.

What changed?  Well, “old fashioned” Islam took over.  Although, to be fair, saying “old fashioned” Islam is like saying “that good old-time religion” relating to Christianity.  There were always many flavors and it also changed through the centuries and regions.  A current “fundamentalist Islamite” would have a serious clash with those from the time of Mohammed.

What happened was that the West lost its confidence.  It was taken over by leftists, pacifists and cowards who are multiculturalists because at their heart they really don’t understand there are other cultures.  They think the difference between cultures is just what you wear, what you eat, and what festivals you observe.  The concept of completely different software inside your head, shaping how you see the world, is alien to a left that never hesitates to claim there is no objective reality. (No, I don’t believe this. But how you learned to see reality shapes what you see.  For instance, if Americans see a woman loaded with books coming out of a college at 8 p.m., they see a student, while in Portugal in my day, they saw a whore, because no respectable woman was out unaccompanied at 8 pm.)

So, as the neo-Marxists (and sometimes Marxist-Marxists) took over, “everyone knew” in the West that the problems of Islam were economic problems.  This comes with a dose of the idea America is war-mongering and exploiting.  So when we’re hit, the appropriate way to stop the attacks is to apologize.