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New Attacks on Coptic Christians in Upper Egypt -- But It's Not the Islamic State

On Wednesday, I reported here at PJ Media that Egyptian authorities had stopped an attack on a Coptic monastery near Assuit in Upper Egypt, killing seven members of the terror cell and uncovering a weapons cache in the compound the cell used:

This comes in the wake of the two suicide bombings of churches in Tanta and Alexandria during Palm Sunday services, killing approximately 50 people:

But fresh attacks on Coptic Christians during Holy Week have occurred, with a mob attacking Christians in a village outside Minya, and three bombs discovered inside a Cairo Coptic church on Wednesday:

The bombs were discovered in the Shubra section of Cairo:

While the Palm Sunday suicide bombings were claimed by the Islamic State-Sinai affiliate, the attacks on Christians near Minya on Thursday were by local villagers, upset that Copts were allowed to pray inside the village:

Last August, I reported here at PJ Media on my trip into Upper Egypt, where I visited some of the churches in Minya burned down by the Muslim Brotherhood in August 2013:

Minya, one of the largest cities in Upper Egypt, is the center of the Coptic Christian heartland. More than 10 percent of Egypt's population is Christian, and much of that population resides in Upper Egypt. As I've reported here previously, sectarian clashes are a regular phenomenon around Minya: