Great Advice from Clint Eastwood


I am looking forward to seeing Eastwood’s new movie, Jersey Boys, and saw this article on his thoughts of directing as he gets older:

You have more experience as you get older. You have more to draw on, as long as you don’t lose your faculties. You can play on that if you’re lucky enough genetically or you take good enough care of yourself, or a combination of the two. You can go ahead and experiment with things. There’s so many different stories to tell out there. You can be 21 or 81. … If you tell yourself, “I’m too old to do that” bulls—. You’re not too old to do anything.


I have always wondered why people and our society in general try so hard to get older people to give up in life and often times, at a pretty early age. My experience is that once you hit 37, people start telling you that you are too old to do so many things. If you live to be Eastwood’s age (84), that is almost 50 years of negative messages coming one’s way. Good thing he probably never listened.


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