Why Male Doctors Make More than Female Doctors

A reader sent me a link (thanks!) to this article on the pay gap betweeen male and female doctors and after doing a study, the authors reached the following conclusion:


Male doctor earns more per hour relative to the male PA than the female doctor earns relative to the female PA. However, a big part of the difference comes from an hours gap. The vast majority of male doctors under the age of 55 work substantially more than the standard 40 hour work week. In contrast, most female doctors work between 2 to 10 hours fewer than this per week.

It’s hard to compare wages when one group (men) are working more than 40 hours a week and another group (women) are working 2-10 hours less than 40 hours per week. Warren Farrell has been making this point for years.

Why is this so hard for feminists to understand, unless they want something for nothing? Oh, never mind.


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