Is "Forever Lazy" the Future of Adult Americans?

Has anyone out there seen this ridiculous commercial for “Forever Lazy” that advertises adult fleece pajamas made to keep you warm while you loaf in the house or even outside? I saw it this afternoon and really wondered about the future of Americans. Yeah, I know we already have the Snuggie but this just goes one step further and it is the ad and the way that people are portrayed that brings home the message that resting on your laurels and living the “lazy” way is the best method to dealing with the economy as it is today: by just throwing on your fleece PJs and tuning out the world.


The ad says that you can wear these pajamas rather than turn up the heat to save money. There are also clips of dad “doing what he does best,” sleeping on the couch. The fleece “one piece” looks like something a baby would wear, complete with a flap to go to the bathroom. Is this the future of adults in this country? A future where the populace spends their time sleeping and loafing at home rather than working, being infantalized by a nanny state government and wearing this contraption because they are too broke to afford heat and too lazy to fight back? That’s a depressing thought. Or maybe it is an ingenious way of “going John Galt?” Or maybe people are just cold. What do you think?



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