5 Secret Emotions Only E-Reader Addicts Understand


I love my Kindle, and my Kindle cloud account, which allows me to read books I’ve purchased on any device (for the times when I forget my Kindle, have to take an unexpected Metro ride, or carry a ridiculously small purse to match my outfit). I used to be that person who never went anywhere without a book. I still am that person — but instead of having to tote around a paperback, reading the same book I read at home, from the same page I left off, is as simple as whipping out my phone. My name is Hannah Sternberg and I’m an eReader Addict.


You, too, may be an eReader Addict, if you’ve experienced one or more of the following:


5) Frustration, when you tap a word to call up its definition, only to remember that you’re reading a print book today.


4) Annoyance, when you hear, “Print books are superior because they never run out of batteries.” Sure…but they can also lose pages when the binding gets old, get smudged in the rain, break in half at the spine, get discolored with age, and attract bugs. Everything has strengths and weaknesses. If the fact that I have to recharge my Kindle once a month is the best criticism you’ve got, I don’t think that makes it inferior.DSC00529_large_verge_medium_landscape


3)  Exhilaration, when you discover that one of your favorite authors has started releasing (in digital form) short stories, novellas, and tie-ins to their previous works that would never have made it through the gamut of traditional publishing.


2) Furtive delight, when you realize no one is above reading something racy or silly on public transportation when you’re protected from cover-peeking snoopers. Additionally: smug amusement when you put on a serious, contemplative face while reading Sh!t My Dad Says on the Metro. Why yes, sir, this is my second time through Proust.

1) Waves of gratitude and joy, when you realize the world is just a little bit closer to every book being available anywhere. The world is my library, and while I may never have time to read it all, the barriers to accessing whatever literature my heart desires are growing smaller and smaller.


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