Our Country Is Going 'Down the Drain': Former Disney Animator Takes on the Left

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Tomorrow will be better as long as America keeps alive the ideals of freedom and a better life. —Walt Disney

A former Disney animator is “tired of watching [our] country go down the drain” and he’s doing something creative about it. Known on social media as PolitiZoid, the Los Angeles animator believes “it’s time to do something” to push back against the left, so he and his team have created several fantastically animated and very politically astute videos.


It’s a Woke World After All takes the viewer through a ride in today’s leftist world of Disney accompanied with lyrics to a very familiar tune: “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to “It’s a Woke World.” It’s a world of privilege, in boats that are cramped. Welcome to Disney’s reeducation camp. So if your skin is white, it is time you’re contrite–it’s a woke world after all. It’s a woke world after all. It’s a woke world after all. It’s a woke world after all. It’s a woke, woke world.”

“I wouldn’t do what I do without Walt Disney,” PolitiZoid told Glenn Beck in a recent radio interview. “I grew up not wanting to be an animator, I grew up wanting to be Walt Disney….I can’t imagine what our country would be like without him….Just imagine what Hollywood would be like–there would’ve been no counterbalance. I learned what America was by watching those shorts–Pecos Bill, Paul Bunyan–and all those shorts that gave a sense of pride and connection to all those folks that came before us. That connection has been severed.”

Next up, step into PolitiZoid’s Fauci’s Laboratory to “learn where settled science comes from”:


This isn’t PolitiZoid’s first foray into politics. He has created many political commentary pieces since 2011, with a 7-year hiatus in between when he got drawn back into the fight with the left’s ridiculous Trump impeachment political theater of 2019. And being based in L.A., of course, PolitiZoid had a lot to say about the Newsom recall effort:

PolitiZoid revealed to Beck that he had created ten animated spots for the 2020 Trump campaign. Sadly, not one of them got used after going through the usual GOP political scrutiny. “I didn’t sleep all last October,” explained PolitiZoid. “I put out spots for the day after a debate and they just didn’t get used. It was very frustrating because I feel like the pieces I did could’ve moved the needle. They could’ve brought in folks that traditional campaign ads wouldn’t have reached.”

We may never know what a difference ads like this could’ve made in 2020, but one thing is certain: The GOP needs to learn from its mistakes and do all it can to reach younger, more tech-savvy voters. 2022 and 2024 absolutely cannot be good ol’ boy business as usual or we lose bigly.

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In my experience, PolitiZoid is not an outlier in L.A. Contrary to popular belief, there are many conservatives working in Hollywood. While they aren’t the heads of the studios or the money people, they’re typically those who do the actual work on the crews, but they keep their silence in order to remain employed. “What really needs to happen is a conglomerate of these folks need to come together to create opportunities where the creators don’t need to fear their careers being canceled or having their families attacked,” said PolitiZoid.


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Yes, change takes take time, but we don’t really have a lot of time. So it’s good there are still people like PJ Media and PolitiZoid out there fighting for Walt Disney’s ideals of freedom and a better way of life. And while it’s true there are many conservatives who are fighting the battle, we truly need every conservative to fight and to support conservative projects if we are to win the war.


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