Democrats Panic and Launch Racist Attack on Larry Elder as Newsom's Doom Draws Near

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Larry Elder is black. The LA Times says he’s a “white supremacist”

On Friday’s episode of “Hannity,”, GOP frontrunner and California gubernatorial recall candidate Larry Elder hit back at his critics’ racist and misogynistic attacks. With polls showing “a neck-and-neck race on whether to recall the failed far-left Gavin Newsom,” the LA Times published a disgusting column entitled, “Larry Elder is the Black Face of White Supremacy. You’ve Been Warned.”



Yes, the LA Times actually printed that. “We’ve been friends a long time,” said Hannity “I am sorry, genuinely friend-to-friend sorry, that you have to go through something as evil and horrific and racist as that.”

The seasoned radio personality anticipated these types of attacks would happen, saying the politics of personal destruction is exactly why many people don’t go into politics in the first place. This is not the first time the LA Times and the left have attacked Elder. “There’s another writer,” said Elder “who all but called me a black David Duke.” Ironic and more than a little sick given the fact that Elder is a black man who hails from Los Angeles’s South Central.

I’ve been a politician now for a little more than a month and at first, as you know, they tried to keep me off the ballot by claiming I didn’t properly turn over five years of taxes. We ended up suing and a left-wing judge said that Elder was right and threw that out and put me right back on the ballot.

Larry has been accused of hating women. Twenty-one years ago he wrote an article citing a study from the left-wing Annenberg School of Journalism. The study focused on the answers given to questions asked to both men and women. The results showed men knew more answers to those questions than women did. Elder quoted a left-wing professor who said the reason women knew less was because the women got their information from local news.


“The professor said, ‘Watching local news makes you dumber,'” said Elder. “I didn’t say that, she did.”

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Thursday, Elder was accused of brandishing a firearm at a former girlfriend. “I want to say right now, I never brandished a firearm — loaded or unloaded — at anybody,” stated Elder. “And for the rest of the allegations she made, I’m not going to dignify them by giving them a comment.”

Now we have this article from the LA Times. You’re right Sean, they are scared to death. They know that if California can elect a conservative governor like myself–and they can and they will on September 14th–then any state can.

They’re deathly afraid of this.

I’m told that Senator Dianne Feinstein is more feeble than Joe Biden. If she retires or becomes incapacitated, they’re afraid that I will appoint a Republican [senator] and that would shift the whole balance in the Senate.

The Democrats continue their attacks, but with fewer than four weeks left in the recall election, Elder vows to remain undistracted and focused on the issues that matter most to Californians.

Joe Biden has weighed in. Kamala Harris has weighed in. Elizabeth Warren has cut a commercial, but didn’t defend [Newsom’s] record on crime, on homelessness, on the rising cost of living, on the way he shut down this state without paying attention to science.

They just attack, attack, attack and said it was driven by Republicans.

That’s all they’ve got.

You didn’t mention the Employment Development Department where he allowed $30 billion dollars that should have gone for unemployment benefits for people in California to go to criminals both inside the country and international criminals.


Elder and Hannity also discussed Newsom’s clear praise of Joe Biden’s bungled handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal captured in a comment given to ABC’s Liz Kreutz:

According to Elder, Gavin Newsom’s praise for Biden shows Newsom is “proud of what Joe Biden did in Afghanistan; it’s a window into Gavin Newsom’s incompetence.”

[Newsom] is completely incompetent. That’s why nearly 1.7 million people signed a petition; maybe a third of them were Independents and Democrats who just voted for him two years earlier.

[Newsom] can and will raise an unlimited amount of money. Already he’s raised about $50 million dollars primarily from the Teachers’ Union–they’re afraid of me because I support school choice–the public sector unions, Hollywood, and Big Tech.

As September 14 approaches, the question remains: Will Newsom’s hateful tactics keep California on its course of destruction or will Elder or any of the other recall candidates emerge to save the once-golden state? One thing is for certain: Elder will continue to be Newsom’s and the Democrats’ favorite target.



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