Title 42 Ends, 150K Surge at Border: Marathon to Sanctuary Cities Begins

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Like a Black Friday mele at a two-bit department store, the Biden administration’s scuttling of Title 42 Covid border protections today opened the United States to an unprecedented flood of illegals aliens, human traffickers, and drug cartel thugs. The move eliminates any border worthy of the name between the United States and Mexico. Only official highway checkpoints remain firmly in place, while the rest of the system will function as an open-door honor system with government scribes recording illegals entering the country with little practical expectation they will ever comply with the law and show up in court.


Within minutes of the change in policy, illegal border crosses were already climbing over the fence from Mexico into the San Diego, Calif. area while military personal stood by. Buses from Texas have also resumed driving illegals to Vice President Kamala Harris’s home in Washington, D.C.

Thankfully a federal judge has slapped down the Biden administration’s plan to release illegals into the country without even bothering to set the fictitious court dates they have been issuing. Over two million are already in line for court. But adding mockery to injustice, some Biden administration officials are setting court appearance dates for illegals entering the country in 2035—a full 12 years from now! In the meantime, they can stay. What an absolute insult to people who are entering the country legally and not cheating their way into the U.S.

And a hat tip to the Republican House for passing a border enforcement bill yesterday, but it has grim prospects of passing in the Senate. Some border state representatives say they will refuse to vote for an increase in the debt ceiling until border enforcement is taken seriously. Certainly a lost cause worth fighting.

The Biden administration’s policy is “you pretend to be asylum seekers, and we will pretend to believe you.” The border is where illegal entry meets illegal obfuscation of the law. A not so funny sick joke on law-abiding Americans unused to having a criminal enterprise manage their immigration policy.

An estimated 150,000 illegals have been gathering in Mexico, courtesy of the great drug cartel wagon train transporting illegals through Latin America. Although, the caravans contain people from around the globe. All have been anxiously awaiting the starting gun of a marathon running through Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California and on to sanctuary cities across the United States.


An overwhelmed border patrol is expected only to have the manpower to process the names, real or fictitious, of those flooding the zone with little more than a cursory background check on the phone apps some are using to speed up processing.  They will then be released into the country’s interior with court dates as fictitious as Joe Biden’s claims that he has “lowered the cost of families’ everyday expenses.” As for the “gotaways” and those transporting drugs, forget about it. States like Texas will focus on looking for them, but the job is daunting.

The state of Texas deployed more than 500 additional soldiers to help with the effort here,” said Matt Barker, brigadier general of the Joint Task Force Lone Star. Ten thousand Texas National Guards members and 1,200 state troopers are also on hand. The 1,500 federal soldiers and marines sent to work at the border will not be there to stop the surge. Instead, with a wink and a nod from Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, they will facilitate the paperwork processing for these overwhelmingly fictitious asylum claims.


“According to the Biden administration itself, they anticipate about 13,000 people coming across the border illegally every single day,” Texas Governor Greg Abbott said. “If you extend that out over the course of a year, it means there will be about 4,700,000 people coming across the border a year.”

Arizona is bracing for this latest wave of illegals. ln Yuma, the only hospital has a $20 million shortfall in uncompensated care for illegal aliens. In San Luis, 60% of the town’s ambulances are responding to illegals. Healthcare systems are being pushed to a breaking point in the region.

The new rules say migrants who cross the southern border must first say “May I” by proving they asked for protection in another country before crossing the border illegally. Those who didn’t say “May I” might be asked to cross back over the border to Mexico and fill out paperwork before again crossing the border illegally. Unserious rules by an unserious administration.

Those who are indigent will quickly end up on the public dole, living off the taxpayer. Others will work on or off the books for businesses looking to drive down American wages in an inflationary market. These illegals will use any money earned to pay back their union dues to the drug cartels that transported them across the border. For young women trafficked into sex slavery, it will take eight years to pay back what they owe the cartels—if they live that long.

This mass of humanity has been bought and paid for, and now Joe Biden anxiously awaits delivery, with the C.O.D. charges going to the American taxpayer.


Since it is estimated that 13,000 a day will be flooding across the border for the indefinite future, even 1,900 miles away from Brownsville, Texas, far-Left Mayor Eric Adams of New York City is changing his city’s policy. He has ended an illegal alien housing program that has been drawing illegals into the city like bees to a botanical garden. He claims it has cost taxpayers billions for free hotels, food, health care, and public education. What part of free was not to like?

Only this month, 25,000 Venezuelan illegals have crossed the border, many heading to New York. Of course, Adams wants taxpayers from other parts of the country to fund his sanctuary city paradise. There is no mention that border states have been putting up with this problem for years, footing their own bills, which now include the cost of a small state army of law enforcement to keep the peace amid this chaos.

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As far as the Biden administration is concerned, rural Texas can suck it up when handling the destitution and crime as this army with no quartermaster corp advances through its streets. There are first-world problems, there are third-world problems, and there are redneck problems. Guess which one the Biden administration doesn’t care about?

One thing can be said with certainty. None of these people will end up in Martha’s Vineyard unless there is a sudden shortage of dishwashers. And as for our cackling border czar Vice President Kamala Harris, she is more likely to be found near the Ukraine border than the United States border. After all, she has already solved the systemic causes of illegal immigration here.




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