Why Is Liz Cheney so Unlikable?

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It is no surprise that Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) dislikes President Donald Trump. After all, no man has done more to denigrate the Iraq/Afghan War strategy that her father crusaded for than Trump. He not only opposed Cheney’s approach to war, but he also mocked it mercilessly. As the former Vice President’s oldest daughter, with her own dose of less charm and less savvy, Liz Cheney has now entered on her own crusade. She stands athwart the House floor denouncing Trump, all his pomps, and all his evil works. Instead of Holy Water, she will sprinkle the tears of fellow Republican failure Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) on the TV cameras. Yes, she is the televangelist of Republocrat Washington, fighting the great Satan, cheered on by charmless Republican has-beens like former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.


Now in the real world, such a person would be called delusional. For four years demented Democrats engaged in their own fever dream, claiming that the real estate developer from Queens was a Russian agent of influence, infiltrating the highest reaches of the U.S. government. Talk about a vast Communist conspiracy! Stupid, of course. But Democrats say a lot of stupid things. People come to expect it. It hardly makes a ripple in the national consciousness.

But as with all great leaders, Trump brings out the craziness both to his left and to his right. Enter Dizzy Lizzy Cheney. In her telling, we see Donald Trump not as a Russian spy, but as the mastermind of the greatest attempt to take down the U.S. government since Jeff Davis was sworn in as president of the Confederacy in the Alabama State House. I mean Joe Biden, the one who supported her father’s plans for invading Iraq, said it. It must be true. Crazy? Sure. But nowhere do team Biden and Team Cheney intersect more closely than in Trump Derangement Syndrome. No wonder they both have disapproval poll numbers closer to the November temperatures in Wyoming than a sweltering June in D.C.

Cheney is also at war with what she terms the “Putin wing” of the Republican Party. Notice how anyone who opposes her is a traitor of some sort? Well if you are looking for traitors, Liz, look in the mirror. You claim to speak for the true Republican Party? Then why did your fellow Republicans vote to censure you for participating in Rep. Adam Schiff’s (D-Calif.) hand-picked kangaroo court? No one in Republican leadership was allowed to pick representatives on the committee, you know, the way the “democratically” elected House of Representatives traditionally works.


Maybe Liz has convinced herself that she is standing up for “democracy.” One of her favorite words lately. But let’s put her to the test. Is she someone who truly believes in democracy, or does she believe she must ignore “democracy” to save “democracy,” ignore the traditions of the House to save the House?

In January 1982, Democrat Rep. Phil Gramm of Texas was thrown off the House budget committee by his own party. He was too conservative for their tastes; Too supportive of President Reagan. Gramm had had enough with the Democrats and decided to become a Republican. Did he simply switch parties and join the opposing team? No, he resigned his seat in Congress. Then he ran as a Republican for the now open seat. Winning, he was the first Republican ever elected in that district.

Democracy, Liz? If you are going to de facto switch parties, to the point where your own colleagues censure you, at least have the decency to put your switch to a test in the “democracy” you love to prattle on about. No, Liz, you won’t. Perhaps, there is too much money to be made becoming just another Republican diversity-phony-with-a-contract at CNN after the voters in Wyoming have the privilege of kicking you to the curb?


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