Is Donald Trump the Only One?

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Mike Pence dropped out of the Republican primary over the weekend, a move nobody disapproved of. Former President Donald Trump is still leading in the polls, with Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) trailing a distant second (or third). Plus, there's the Bootgate joke running wild on social media. So the primary is over now, right?


Not just yet, but some are starting to think that the writing is on the wall for anyone other than Trump. McLaughlin and Associates predicted that Trump would win in a "landslide" against Joe Biden if the election were held today. So, hooray, right?

Keep in mind that I will happily vote for Trump if he is the nominee (and that is looking more like a "when" and not an "if"), but part of me is still worried he could lose.

Think about it: if you think the Democrats cheated in 2020, what makes you think they won't cheat again? Granted, they would cheat no matter who the nominee is, but the left hates Trump more than any other Republican.

Even if you think 2020 was legitimate, the four indictments and 91 charges against Trump and his associates are going to be prime fodder for the mainstream media to yap about if Trump is the nominee for 2024, no matter how flimsy they are or if they get thrown out of court.

Remember, there are still people who sincerely believe he colluded with Russia to steal 2016, even though we knew that one was a sham since it was first brought up.

Additionally, people who aren't all-in on a candidate yet are going to be constantly bombarded with news about how Trump is a criminal in advance of 2024. While enough will hopefully see through it for the horse manure it is, there are still going to be people who will be convinced that somehow the courts were either biased in Trump's favor (even though they are already hostile) or they weren't able to dig deep enough.


Sure, they'll find something against DeSantis (like the whole boots thing already) or Nikki Haley or whoever else is able to get the nomination other than Trump, but the former president already has ready-made fake scandals the media will use to harangue undecided voters with for the next year until someone is elected.

Then you have people in Colorado, Minnesota, and New Hampshire trying to get Trump's name off the ballot already, even though his nomination has not yet been confirmed.

And on a more personal note, the sheer viciousness of the fighting between Trump and DeSantis surrogates online only seems to get uglier and more tedious. Can we criticize Trump's presidency? Yes. Can we make fun of DeSantis for being short? Of course, those Bootgate memes are hysterical. But acting like Trump or DeSantis are RINOs or neocons or any other unfavorable word applied to Republicans—when both sides can argue against it—is getting old.

Sometimes, I wish the two would team up again and be unbeatable, but neither one seems willing to do that.

This isn't even being anti-Trump or pro-DeSantis or in favor of someone else.

The point is that Biden has openly said if Trump is the nominee, he is doing everything in his power to make sure Trump never steps foot in the White House again, and the rest of the left will fight like men possessed (yes, I know that is redundant) to follow through if these phony indictments do not—hopefully, short of killing him, but we never know.


Again, if Trump is the nominee, I will happily vote for him and pray that he wins. But if, God forbid, he loses, I might not be the only one who will be thinking, "What if we nominated the wrong guy?" over bugs in my pod.


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