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Oregon Judge Grants Man the 'Right' to Be Genderless. But Did She...Really?


Mainstream media outlets pride themselves on being the gatekeepers of the truth – not nutty ideologues like all those bloggers in their jammies. They are objective.

Or this is what they keep telling us.

Then I read this title on the NBC News website: Judge Grants Oregon Resident the Right to Be Genderless…and my eyebrow rises.

The article is a feature in a subsection called “NBC OUT.” The rainbowed banner suggests this is news catering to LGBTQ devotees, as all the titles seem to share that sad theme. A search for any subsection titled NBC BIBLICAL, or CHRISTIAN, or CHURCH, or even RELIGIOUS turned up nothing. But I digress.

This article is the sad tale of a man named Patrick Abbatiello (one must look elsewhere to find his actual name and sex), afflicted with broken feelings about his sex, who made those feelings a legal issue.

A situation like this might challenge any judge aware of the limitations of his role. Consider: what if someone tried to get the court to rule that he had three arms, or was a unicorn, or was not subject to the law of gravity, or was 800 years old? Surely no judge would enable such delusions.

Yet right now, one particular delusion has achieved a different status. So, the headline on this MSM site tells us, this judge granted [Abbatiello] the right to become genderless.

Except of course that the judge did no such thing.

I take it as axiomatic that no one can do what he cannot do. Not even a judge. No one can grant a right that cannot exist, a right that defies created reality. So no judge can grant the right to ignore the law of gravity, or to live a reverse chronology, or to draw a square circle.

So Patrick is still what God made him, as far as I can find reported: a man.*

“But the judge granted the right to be genderless,” someone replies. Except she did no such thing, for she could not. In such cases, what judges are actually doing are taking away rights.

For instance, no judge – nor any bank of judges – can grant the right of two men to marry. It’s an impossibility. What they do in all such cases, as we have seen, is take away rights. That is, they deny the rights of others to live according to created reality. No judge can grant Biff and Cletus the right to marry each other. So instead they negate the God-given right of others not to march in step with the delusion.

So when Biff and Cletus wish to force business owners to play along, the latter are denied their God-given rights to decline the invitation.