Discrimination! Woman Sues Because Drag Queen Job Only Accepted Men

In the world of modern feminism, discrimination is the name of the game. Here how it’s played:

Step 1: Identify a group of people who are not white, “cisgender” men.


Step 2: Collect an example of a specific person treating a member of this group in a manner of which you do not approve.

Step 3: Declare that this is discrimination.

Step 4: Demand that everyone be treated exactly the same (regardless of whether or not this is beneficial for everyone, or anyone).

Step 5: Scream about it a lot.

As forms of actual prejudice and discrimination (such as sexism and racism) in our country diminish, the discrimination game gets harder and harder to play. But that hasn’t stopped modern feminists, those resourceful purveyors of outrage and hate. Nothing can keep these powerful women (and men, though not always men, but sometimes men, when it suits the situation, and never powerful men) down.

Equality of the sexes may be a minor setback for feminists fighting for equality of the sexes, it’s true, but it’s not a total game-ender. That’s because the discrimination game comes complete with a trump card (but not that Trump, he’s evil): The “there’s no such thing as gender” card. Play that and the discrimination game can go on forever!

Let’s play a round. You’ll get the hang of it. In an article for The Guardian, drag queen Lacey Lou accuses Virgin Atlantic of discrimination. Apparently, while in the running for a drag queen job with the company, Lacey Lou was abruptly told she wouldn’t be needed. “In a phone call,” Lacey Lou explains, “I was told it was because I was a woman.”


Let’s pause the game for a moment and unpack this, just so we’re clear. The definition of “drag queen” (like, in the dictionary, where we find things like definitions) is “a man who dresses up in women’s clothes, typically for the purposes of entertainment.” Lacey Lou is a woman. A woman, for those of you who don’t know, is not a man. So, if a drag queen is a man who dresses as a woman, and Lacey Lou is a woman who dresses as a woman, then Lacey Lou is not a drag queen. She’s just a woman who looks like a man dressed like a woman, but is really a woman, and therefore not a man.

But if we just play the “there’s no such thing as gender” card, then Lacey Lou’s situation immediately becomes discrimination. As Lacey Lou says: “When you take away the drag, I was dropped from a job because I was a woman.”

Discrimination! Even though the job could literally only be done by a man, if there’s no such thing as gender then the fact that Lacey Lou is a woman (and therefore can’t be a drag queen) is irrelevant to her ability to be a drag queen.

“‘She’s not transgender so she can’t do it’ is such a backwards thing to say when women are also a marginalised group,” Lacey Lou says.

See, a woman who says she’s a man but dresses as a woman would be considered a drag queen (because there’s no such thing as gender so a woman can be a man pretending to be a woman) but a woman who says she’s a woman and dresses like a woman would not be a drag queen (because she’s a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman) and that’s not fair. Discrimination!


Let’s play again. Earlier this year, London’s gay pride parade was interrupted by anti-trans lesbian activists who claimed that “a man cannot be a lesbian.” While this is true (like, in real life), the LGBT+ community played the “there’s no such thing as gender card” and got to be horrified. Chair of LGBT+ Lib Dems Jennie Rigg declared herself “appalled” by the protesters’ message. See, if there’s no such thing as gender, then a lesbian (which, if anyone even cares anymore, is defined as “a homosexual woman”) can be a man or a woman who is attracted to men or women (which basically describes all people on earth) and then saying that someone can’t be a lesbian (regardless of their gender) is unfair. Discrimination!

Isn’t this game fun?! We could play this forever! You’re a woman who says you’re a man pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman pretending to be a man and your “cisgender” male crush won’t go out with you? “There’s no such thing as gender!” Discrimination! You’re a man who says he’s a woman and your doctor says, unfortunately, you won’t be able to get pregnant because you don’t have a uterus? “There’s no such thing as gender!” Discrimination! Have you got the hang of it now? It’s a fun little game. Until it isn’t. Then it starts to seem a lot like … well … discrimination!


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